Alumni Relations

Brett Gauger

Brett Gauger

BSPA, Health Services Administration '15

Brett Gauger currently works as a Digital Strategist at Asher Agency. 
Q. Why did you choose IPFW? 
A. I liked the campus community and how strong it is in the northeast Indiana. I also selected it because of the relationship with the parent universities. I appreciated how the programs were consistent with Bloomington. I started in the fall of 2011 and it felt like the school was made for me. I originally wanted to transfer, but I felt like I was where I belonged. I was lucky to have initial connections to faculty before he started attending. I have very fond memories of Jennifer Oxtoby. She helped me embrace my hobbies and interests. At the time, she was assistant director for student life and taught OLS. I hope other people see IPFW as a center a social and interactive place as I did. They provide tours and resources for what you want to do. It is an amazing hub with great athletics and programs.
It's been a gift, full of friends and mentors.

Q. Were you involved in any student organizations?
A. I helped found Don2Don Student Success Coaching, was a member of Public Policy Student Association, was an orientation leader, and so much more. Being in these organizations helped me connect the university to programs that better the community like
SPCA, Junior Achievement, Big Brother Big Sisters, and Millennial 2020 (now the Emerging Leaders Alliance).

Q. Did you have any distinctions or awards during your time here? 
A. I was a recipient of the Paul Helmke School for Public Service Scholarship.

Q.Did a staff or faculty member act as a mentor for you during your education? 
A. Greg Anderson. He was normally an academic advisor, but he also  taught a class that I was in. 
Q. What is your greatest memory of your time in school? 
A. My first class (W121) was the moment I decided to stay at IPFW. It helped develop character and personality and created that pure joy about IPFW. By the last day of class, we were like family. I also loved engaging with students through social media. I worked in Marketing Communications with Valerie Gough and Aaron McClaskey. I had a professional workload and got to work on numerous high scale projects. I also have great memories of working in Student Life. 

Q. Do you have a favorite and/or funny story about your time at IPFW? 
A. I ran the Nearly Naked Mile and was running with basketball shorts around campus. I did something outside comfort zone. Countless priceless moments.

Q. Do you volunteer in the community? 
A. I have volunteered for ASPCA, Millennial 2020, Emerging Leaders Alliance, BBBS, Junior Achievement, Visit Fort Wayne, Friends of the Rivers, Baals Music Festival, and A Better Fort

Q. What course(s) have you found to be most valuable in your professional life? 
A. So many classes have been valuable! Com Media and Culture - Audience and analysis taught me about motives and affects that foreshadow. Professor Fife's V170, I always sat in the front of the room and talked to him after class. I enjoyed reflecting on the class and the world with him. He presented a surreal opportunity and a real world perspective. John Minton's, Intro to Rock N Roll, I fell in love with folklore. I ended up taking multiple classes with him. He exemplified a true caring and enthusiastic instructor. He had a humanistic approach. Sinyoung Park in Healthcare Administration was amazing, intelligent and very innovative with her thought. She had compelling and present day case studies, and built a wide spread of knowledge.

Q. How did you become interested in your field?     
A. I saw a sense of improving community health in medical and non-clinical service. I wanted to promote healthy living habits. I wanted to advocate for strong standards. My goal was to communicate and market organizations with healthcare. It is great to have a communicative source shed the exposure to these offerings. Because of this, my path took a turn to marketing. Multiple staff members helped shape my future and interest in my field. Sinyoung Park taught me to pursue what is best for me. James Velez helped me go in the right path, was a good friend, and kept my heart beating for IPFW.
Eric Norman always maintained a professional appearance. He is an amazing leader and better friend. He is an important asset to the university. They all helped me so much.

Q. What would be your advice to someone who is considering IPFW or a current student? 
A. I credit IPSGA for creating a receptive environment.

Q. If you could describe your experience at IPFW in 3 words, what would they be? 
Engaging Fulfilling Community
Q. If you could go back and change one thing from your college experience, what would it be? 
A. I wouldn't. I would do it just the way I did it. I made the decision to take these opportunities, and I'm glad I did it.

Q. How would you want your fellow alumni and community members to remember you? 
A. I would want them to Remember me for my passion. I would want my legacy to live on. I would want everyone to take a step out and try something new. You should always pursue what is best for you and your destiny. Pursuing a passion and destiny is believing in one's self. The world wants you to be something you don't want to be, but you don't have to follow that path. We all have different brands.