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The Academic Advising Council is charged by the VCAA and the VCSA with the responsibility to:

  1. Develop a set of core operating principles that will define and guide the delivery of effective academic advising services at IPFW.
  2. Coordinate the delivery of academic advising services across all responsible academic and student affairs departments following the core operating principles.
  3. Serve as an advocate for effective advising at IPFW and provide a structure for ongoing communication among faculty, staff, students, and the larger campus community regarding advising issues.
  4. Develop action plans to implement changes in advising practices to improve effectiveness, offer training programs to enhance advisor effectiveness, and provide consulting support to individual departments and units.
  5. Sponsor the Advising Lunch Talk Series, the IPFW Advisor of the Year Award, and other activities in support of advising services to students.
  6. Design standards for evaluating advising and monitor an ongoing assessment and continuous improvement process for academic advising.
  7. Recommend policy changes to the VCAA and VCSA and others as needed.
  8. Publish an annual report on the state of advising at IPFW.

Advisor and student meeting for an advising session.The mission of the IPFW Academic Advising Council is to coordinate the delivery of an academic advising program at IPFW that enhances student success.