Letter from the Vice Chancellor

"The name IPFW will change. Our mission of student success will never change.”

Angie Fincannon, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Angie headshotThis year has brought about great challenges, but it has also presented great opportunity. We have built 52 years of outstanding education for Fort Wayne, this region, and beyond through a unique partnership—Indiana University and Purdue University. In a study entitled the “LSA Report of Governance for IPFW,” a vision emerged that suggested a different structure for the two institutions at IPFW. Through many meetings, discussions, letters to the editor, and involvement with both IU and Purdue, both Boards of Trustees approved a resolution that the governance of this university will be separated on July 1, 2018. Indiana University will direct all of its attention to educating health science majors, and Purdue will focus on providing a comprehensive metropolitan university for engineering, liberal arts, music, and many other programs.

If we offered a survey at the end of this magazine, I know that we would receive a myriad of feelings concerning these changes. Clearly, these months have been confusing and filled with emotion while waiting for this incredible institution to chart a new path.  

As you read this issue, you’ll note that the stories remain the same—the same stories of success, relationships, care, and engagement. The name of IPFW will change; our mission of student success will NEVER CHANGE.  

Every person—every article—featured in this magazine represents stories that are a testament to commitment, appreciation, and inspiration found on our campus. For our donors, thank you for all that you have done for IPFW this year! Because of your support, students continue to succeed. One in 10 Fort Wayne residents is a Mastodon. And they are making an impact in our schools, law firms, hospitals, social service agencies, businesses, and industries.

For our alumni, we encourage you to stay involved. You may have an IU or a Purdue diploma, but our alumni remember and share stories of great faculty, friends, and activities on their IPFW campus. You will always be welcome as a Mastodon, and so we celebrate the more than 57,000 success stories from IPFW! For our faculty and staff, thank you for the many ways that you make this institution special for our students. They need us and count on you to provide cutting-edge opportunities and experiences that will impact their future. The impact that faculty and staff make in the lives of students gives us reason to celebrate, and I know this community is enhanced by your commitment.  

 We take pride in IPFW’s history, helping more than 57,000 alumni achieve their goals, partnering with 250 businesses and 30 universities across the globe, and connecting hundreds of students with local internships each year. Today, more than 8,300 degree-seeking students attend IPFW. 

Again, thank you for this year of support for IPFW. As we look ahead, I know that together we can create the best higher education opportunities for our students and for this community.  


Angie Fincannon, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for Advancement