Quality Initiative

Purdue Fort Wayne Quality Initiative – HLC Assessment Academy

In 2015, HLC accepted IPFW’s (now Purdue Fort Wayne) application to participate in the Assessment Academy to fulfil the requirements for the Quality Initiative.  The original proposal focused on assessing three areas of general education – written communication, oral communication, and quantitative reasoning.  However, the proposal was modified in the initial Academy Roundtable to emphasize the development of programmatic assessment for all departments and programs.  To help facilitate the project, Purdue Fort Wayne coordinated activities and provided training through the Purdue Fort Wayne Assessment Academy.

HLC Academy Project Final Team Report

Purdue Fort Wayne Assessment Academy

The IPFW Assessment Academy supports Academic Departments in improving programmatic assessment.  The cohort model of the Academy emphasizes building collaborative networks between academic departments, the Office of Assessment, and the HLC Assessment Academy Team to strengthen current assessment activities with a specific focus on improving the program’s capacity to understand and improve student learning and success. 

The expected outcomes of the IPFW Assessment Academy are:

  1. Create assessable student learning outcomes that define expectations for graduates of the program.
  2. Develop curricular maps that specify the expected level of achievement relative to programmatic student learning outcomes at common points in students’ matriculation to degree and to the Baccalaureate Framework.
  3. Produce an assessment plan defining how student achievement relative to programmatic outcomes will be measured.
  4. Implement the assessment plan through developing metrics that define expected levels of learning, designing and delivering student learning assessments, analyzing results of assessments, and recommending changes to the planned learning experiences of students to improve student success.
  5. Create an Annual Assessment Report that aligns with Appendix D of SD 15-06.

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