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Travelers must always have the approval of their supervisor before traveling on University Business, with the implementation of the Concur Travel & Expense application for travel management, this approval is not part of the application workflow. 

As configured, the Concur Travel & Expense application Trip Request serves an entirely different purpose, to record specific kinds of trips that require action or approval by university departments outside of the traveler's home department, such as Sponsored Program Services, Risk Management, and Accounts Payable, prior to the traveler's departure; and to provide notification to various individuals.

Supervisor, Department, and College Approvals

Supervisor, department, and college approvals occur outside of the Concur Travel & Expense application workflow. It is presumed that travelers have obtained these approvals before using Concur Travel and Expense. Each department is expected to establish and publish its own guidelines and processes for supervisor, department, and college approval.

Institutional and External Approvals

In addition to supervisor, department and college approval, a trip may require additional institutional approvals.  These approvals are obtained by creating a Trip Request in the Concur Travel & Expense application prior to departure.

External Approvals

Certain external funding agencies require prior approval of travel when charged to their funds.  The traveler obtains these approvals by creating a Concur Travel & Expense application Trip Request and listing the external sponsor funding source in the Account Assignment of the Trip Request header. The following types of travel have external sponsor pre-trip approval requirements:

  • International travel funded by ARO
  • International travel funded by EPA
  • International travel funded by a State Sponsored grant
  • Domestic and International travel on a DOE Lab grant
  • Other Sponsor requirement

Institutional Approvals

Certain types of trips require action by support departments at Purdue.  When any of the following travel scenarios exist, the traveler must submit a Concur Travel & Expense application Trip Request:

  • When a pre-trip cash advance is requested
  • Grad students traveling internationally to countries with State Department warnings
  • When a flight upgrade is requested
  • Where individual departments mandate that departmental approval be obtained through the Concur Trip Request work flow.


Even if a trip does not require any of the institutional approvals described  above, the traveler may still need to submit a Concur Trip Request prior to departure, for notification purposes.

A Concur Trip Request must be submitted if either of the following conditions apply:

  • The trip involves the use of a common carrier (i.e. airline or Amtrak), regardless of the method used to book reservations; or
  • The traveler's department mandates the use of the Trip Request.

Blanket Approval

All other types of travel not addressed above are considered to have blanket approval.  No Trip Request is required for these trips.

An Important Note about Trip Requests

Do not create a Trip Request until AFTER you have made your airline, hotel, or rental car reservations. The details of your reservations are required to complete the Trip Request.  If you have not made your reservations before beginning your Trip Request, you will not have all the required information.

If you use the Concur Travel & Expense application's integrated booking tool to make your airline, hotel, or rental car reservations, the application will automatically create the Trip Request for you at the end of the booking process.

If you make your reservations outside of the Concur Travel & Expense application, have copies of your reservations at hand so you can enter the information into the segments section of the Trip Request.


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