Accounting Services

Notifications and Approvals


With the implementation of the Concur© Travel & Expense web application, the university updated its requirements for obtaining approval from supervisors to travel and for notifying administration of travel plans.

Pre-Trip Approval

Prior approval of employee travel by supervisors and administrators is now consided to be a preliminary activity in the employee's department.  It is presumed that employees using Concur© Travel & Expense have obtained the approval of their supervisor and unit administrators.

Concurrent with the presumption of departmental approval, the definition of "pre-trip approval" has been narrowed to mean an approval required to meet a legal or regulatory mandate, risk management objectives, or cash advances.

Specifically, travel with the following characteristics require pre-trip approval:

  • International travel funded by ARO
  • International travel funded by EPA
  • International travel funded by a State Sponsored grant
  • Any travel funded by a DOE Lab
  • Any sponsor-mandated pre-trip approval
  • All travel that includes a cash advance request
  • All international travel by students to countries with State Department warnings
  • Any travel subject to special departmental approval requirements

Pre-trip approval is obtained by completing a Trip Request in Concur© Travel & Expense.  Before completing a Trip Request, see the following section on Pre-Trip Notifications.

Pre-Trip Notifications

Employees are required to provide pre-trip notification using Concur© Travel & Expense for all travel involving air or rail travel.  The Trip Request is configured to send notifications of entered travel plans to a traveler's supervisor, the fiscal approver of the primary funding source, and other university departments that provide travel support.

If the employee uses the integrated travel booking took included in Concur© Travel & Expense, the Trip Request is automatically initiated at the end of the booking process.  Employees who book their travel using other online or traditional travel services, and employees whose travel is arranged and paid for by a third party (a so-called $0 trip) must create a Trip Request detailing their travel plans.  The point here is that the Trip Request is completed after the traveler has made travel arrangements. It is a report of actions taken, not a request for permission to take action.