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Legacy Travel Forms and Applications

Travel Forms

Legacy Travel Forms

These forms should not be used for travel planned or conducted after January 31, 2014.

Forms for Foreign Travel


Except where the source of funding is the State of Indiana (funds 42010000 - 42020002) the University uses federal government rates.  For State rates, see the link below.

Subsistence/Per Diem/Meals & Incidental Expenses

CONUS Domestic Per Diem Rates by Location

OCONUS Foreign Per Diem Rates by Location

Mileage Rates

Federal Mileage Rate

Most travel reimbursements use the federal mileage rate.

State of Indiana Mileage Rates

Travel funded by State of Indiana grants and contracts must use the state mileage reimbursement rate.

IPFW-Specific Mileages

 A table of destinations in Allen and surrounding counties.

Retired Applications

These applications will be phased out after February 2014.


Egencia is used to prepay approved airfare and lodging, and to reserve destination rental vehicles. (NOTE: Rental vehicles are reserved, but not prepaid.) provides prepaid lodging for approved University travel.

Rand McNally is the preferred app for calculating mileages for University travel.

OANDA Currency Converter

Oanda is the preferred currency converter for determining the cost in USD of your foreign currency receipts. INSTRUCTIONS: Always list USD as "Currency I Have" and the foreign currency as "Currency I Want". Enter the foreign currency amount in the "Currency I Want" Amount field. Choose "+/- 5% (Typical Kiosk Rate) in the Interbank rate field, and enter the date of the receipt in the date field. The cost of the purchase in USD will be calculated automatically. Print out the conversion and attach the original receipt.