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Travel Items group added to Yammer (2/3/17)

A Yammer group has been created to share tips and news about University travel. Called Glidepath, the page will allow Accounting Services to share information with employees and allow employees to offer feedback on travel matters.  Why "Glidepath"? The term comes from aviation. It refers to an airplane's line of descent for safe landing. The term is also used to represent a series of actions that lead smoothly to a particular outcome, which is what we hope our travel procedures are.

To subscribe to Glidepath, go to Click on the elipsis (...) link and choose groups. Choose the "All Groups" link, then look for "Glidepath - Travel Items".  Click the "+ Join" button.

Where did the tabs go? (1/1/2017)

The tabs that used to appear across the top of this page have been replaced with links on the left side of the page.


A-Z List of Travel Topics
The A-Z list of travel topics takes you the web pages covering most travel topics, policies and procedures.
Travel Processes and Procedures
This link requires OnePurdue credentials. This web page contains instruction guides for using Concur Travel and Expense, and for travel processes and procedures that are done outside of Concur.

Individual Employee Travel

All employees and graduate students with regular employment appointments are eligible for a travel credit card to pay their travel expenses. All employees must make their own reservations and pay for their own travel expenses. Employees may book reservations using the travel agency or website of their choice.  An online booking tool offered by Concur is available. All travel by common carrier (i.e. airline or Amtrak) requires the creation of a trip request in Concur.  Travel reimbursements and all travel card expenses are processed through Concur. See your business manager for details.

Group Travel

Employees engaged in group travel (that is, two or more individuals sharing the same itinerary), must arrange their travel through a travel agency.  ALTOUR (described below) is preferred, as they have a contract with Purdue; however, travelers may use whatever agency they prefer. Expenses must be paid using a travel card or purchasing card.  See your business manager for details.

Incoming Guests

Departments wishing to make reservations for incoming guests at the Holiday Inn Fort Wayne - IPFW and Coliseum, should contact Jana Williams at 16329 with the name of the guest, and check-in and check-out dates.

ALTOUR Dedicated Agent Desk

ALTOUR is the contracted travel agency for Purdue's Concur account. This full service agency can help University employees book airfares and assist with problems with the Concur booking tool. Use of the Dedicated Agent is recommended for the following situations that cannot be handled in Concur:

  • Multiple people traveling together, such as
    • Employees traveling with students
    • Employees traveling with family
    • Students traveling without employees
  • International air travel with multiple destinations
  • Domestic air travel with multiple destinations

Phone: 1-855-512-7955.


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