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Billboard Application

Before continuing on to the Billboard site, review the login instructions below.

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OnePurdue Login Instructions

OnePurdue web sites may require a special form of login.  You will use your Purdue Career Account user name and password, but you must precede your username with the string onepurdue (backslash)\. If you fail to add this prefix, your login will fail and you will have to close your browser and reopen it before you can try again.

Backslash Character

The backslash ( \ ) character is on the key with the pipe ( | ) character.  This key is often located below the Backspace key and above the Enter key.


Do not confuse the backslash character with the forward slash ( / ) character, which is located on the key with the question mark.

Login Prompts

Here is how the login looks in different browsers.

Sharepoint login dialog for Internet Explorer

Sharepoint login dialog for Firefox

Sharepoint login dialog for Chrome