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Direct Payment Forms

These forms are used to make payments to individuals and companies where a purchase order is not issued.

Form DIV Direct Invoice Voucher
Effective July 1, 2018, the paper form DIV is no longer accepted.  Contact your business manager regarding the procedure for making direct invoice payments.
Credit Voucher (Form 56A)
Effective July 1, 2018, the paper form 56A Credit Memo is no longer  accepted.  Contact your business manager regarding the procedure for obtaining credit refunds from merchants.

Cancel,Rewrite, and Check Copy Request
NOTE:This process is done by Accounting Services. Void and reissue a lost check or cancel and rewrite check to wrong vendor. If you believe you need to have a vendor payment cancelled or rewritten, contact Accounting Services. 
Online form
For instructions, click here.

Electronic Payments (Wire Transfer/ACH/Foreign Draft)

Request for Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts/Direct Debit Journal Voucher.
Prepared when making payments by wire transfer or foreign drafts. The DocuSign document includes both the wire transfer request and direct debit voucher that used to be separate documents

Payments to Individuals

These forms are used when making payments to individuals. They are submitted along with a Form DIV Direct Invoice Voucher. See the Form DIV Direct Invoice Voucher above.NOTE:  Payments to Nonresident Aliens require additional documentation. See Payments to Nonresident Aliens section, below.

Substitute W-9 (Official)

The Substitute W-9, replaced the PC Form, Bank/ACH Form and the W-9 effective January 1, 2017. This form is a Microsoft Word macro-enabled template (dotm) file.  It is recommended that you download the file to your computer and open it with Microsoft Word to complete it.

Additional information regarding non-employee personal payments, including the updated Personal Payments Required Documentation Grid, can be found on the Payroll and Tax Service s website.

This form is used to disclose the address, citizenship, residency, employment, and potential conflicts of interest of the individual being paid. Ideally, this form should be completed prior to accepting any goods or services from the individual. A substitute W-9 is required for most payments to individuals. The only instances in which a substitute W-9 is NOT required for a payment to an individual are:
  • when the individual is prospective employee being reimbursed for interview expenses (The Form 17C replaces the PC)
  • when the payment is a reimbursement to an employee for business purchases.
  • when we refund to any person a payment that person made to the University
  • human subject payments included on the human subject log
Employment is considered to be coincidental and secondary for undergraduate students. Payments to students require a Form PC unless it can be demonstrated that the payment is directly related to the student's job duties.
This form is available in PDF format.

Form RCS Request for Approval for Consulting Services
Prepare this form when you know a project will require multiple payments to the same individual, such as progress payments.
 Instructions for completing the Form RCS Request for Approval of Consulting Services
Quick Reference Guide
Human Subject Payments

For use in making incentive payments to human subjects in research studies.

Human Subjects Invoice Log
Use the Human Subjects Invoice Log when paying multiple human subjects when payments $50 or more each, using one Direct Invoice Voucher.
This form is in Microsoft Excel
Human Subject Receipts Log
Use the Human Subjects Receipts Log issuing payments in the form of gift cards to multiple human subjects. Gift Card values must be less than $50.
This form is in Microsoft Excel
Payments to Non-Resident Aliens

Payments to non-resident aliens are subject to a mandatory income tax withholding by the university. The forms below are for use when the non-resident alien payee is eligible for exemption from tax withholding. 

Scholarship, Prize and Award Payments to International Students

Scholarship, Prize, and Award payments to international students must be paide by Direct Invoice Voucher (Form DIV) due to tax withholding requirements. The form below is for processing those payments.

Payments to Prospective Employees and New Hires

For reimbursement of interview expenses for prospective employees, and payment of moving allowances to new hires, where applicable.

Forms for New Vendors

Whenever the University pays a vendor for the first time, the vendor must provide an IRS Form W-9.  If the vendor is not incorporated, a Form PC Payee Certification is used.

Tax Identification Forms
IRS Determination Letter (for Purdue University 501(c)(3) status verification)   PDF  
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (Purdue)Note: Purdue University Fort Wayne does not have its own Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  It uses the same FEIN as Purdue University.  IRS Form W-9 PDF  
Indiana Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (Purdue)
Note: Purdue University Fort Wayne does not have its own State of Indiana Employer Identification Number (EIN). It uses the same EIN as Purdue University.
ST-105 PDF Instructions
Indiana Utility Exemption Letter ST-109 PDF  
Kentucky Out-of-State Purchase Exemption Certificate 51A127 PDF  
Florida Consumer's Certificate of Exemption DR-14 PDF  
Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate 01-339 PDF  
Petty Cash Reimbursements
Promissory Note - Repayment Agreement
Use the Promissory Note when requesting a cash advances outside of Concur Travel & Expense.
This form is in Microsoft Word

Promissory Note Used for Payroll Advances, Airline Ticket Advances, and research project one-time or revolving advances to employees.  Requires Adobe Reader or other PDF reader.

Purchasing Card Forms

Forms for requesting purchasing cards and making changes to information on issued cards.

PFW Foundation Check Request


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