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Account Management Applications

Account Management Applications

This page contains a number of applications for business office staff to aid in account management.

GM-AIMS Faculty Reports

A suite of reports designed to help faculty manage sponsored funds

GM-AIMS Business Office Reports

A suite of reports designed to help business offices manage sponsored funds

GM AIMS Account Projections

Generate financial projections on sponsored funds

Coeus Portal

Coeus is used for pre-award management of sponsored programs. Approval by the Office of Research, Engagement, and Sponsored Programs (RESP) is required for access.

IPFW Local Chart of Accounts

For use by Comptroller Office staff only. Local database of approved account assignments. Data in this application is used to validate account assignments in BDS, Internal Billing applications, and the local budget tracking application. Comptroller approval required for access.

OnePurdue Portal Login

Web portal to OnePurdue applications like AIMS-FM and SAP GUI launcher.

Payroll Management

Benefits Cost Calculator

A Microsoft Excel workbook application that calculates the monthly and annual benefits cost to a department based on employee classification, annual salary, and retirement plan. (Requires OnePurdue login)

Property Accounting


Billboard is used to advertise university-owned equipment to other departments as required by the University's property accounting procedures, before equipment can be sold or donated to outside individuals or organizations.

Financial Document Copies

WebNow electronic document archive

Digitized archive of Accounting and Payables documents. Comptroller approval required for access. This application is accessed via the IPFW Applications > Employee > Purdue folder in your Windows Start Menu. NOTE: Invoices related to Ariba purchase orders will not be found in WebNow if the vendor submits electronic invoices to Purdue through Ariba.  These invoices will only be found as electronic records in Ariba

Central Files Document Request

Online request form for documents not found in Webnow


Online archive of legacy financial system reports. Comptroller approval required for access. (URL updated 10/16/2013.)


Unclaimed Incoming Electronic Payments

Microsoft Sharepoint site at Purdue listing incoming electronic payments to the university. Requires ONEPURDUE\ domain prefix with Purdue credentials.

Fraud Hotline

If you see or suspect unethical or illegal behavior by any IPFW department or employee, you may report your concerns anonymously to The Network.  Call 1-866-815-2620, or visit

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