University Strategic Alignment Process

What is USAP?

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How do we know if we’re fulfilling our mission?  Are our people, facilities, equipment, and funding -- our vital resources -- focused on the goals in the strategic plan? To find out, we have assembled a task force to: 

Produce recommendations on how to better align university resources based on data and strategic level planning

To accomplish this goal, the University Strategic Alignment Process (USAP) will guide us through a period of data collection and analysis, providing a framework to move us forward.  The process includes multiple steps:

  1. Establish measures for each unit.  Vice Chancellors work with their respective divisions to establish performance metrics
  2. Gather data from IR, HR and Financial Services about our students and our resources
  3. Write program reports using a common template and aligning to strategic goals and performance measures (completed by departments)
  4. Review and analyze each program and service to determine alignment to the strategic plan
  5. Produce recommendations on how to better align university resources based on program reports, data and strategic level planning
  6. Communicate everything that happens throughout the process to ensure transparency


This is a complex process that requires significant time and effort.  As we move towards a culture of transparency, information and data will become available for everyone to see unlike ever before.  For many of us, this will feel uncomfortable.  However, to achieve our goal of ensuring the work we do is aligned with our strategic direction, we must take the time to gather and analyze the information we need to make good decisions. 

We invite you to consider your role as we move forward and encourage you to get involved and stay up-to-date on our progress and next steps.  This is a balanced and collaborative process where everyone has a role:

Campus Community – It all starts here.  Everyone on campus can participate by attending Campus Conversations and Town Hall meetings, by sending comments and questions via the “comments” link and by staying up-to-date reading “What’s New”.    Also, program reports written by various people will require collaboration and discussion at the department and program level.

Task Force:– One task force made up of faculty and staff will establish the performance metrics used for all unit reviews.  This team will analyze the data that is collected and prepare a report with recommendations for campus-wide alignment to our strategic plan.  This team will not be making decisions, only recommendations.

Facilitation Team – This team will serve as operational consultants, providing training and guidance on the process, enabling the task force to complete their work.

Steering Committee – Chancellor Carwein and the Vice Chancellors will direct the process.

USAP is a tool to create transformative change and is about understanding where we currently are, where we want to be and how we can get there.  Changing the IPFW culture to embrace this level of transparency and inclusivity is a slow and at times, challenging process.  By working together, sharing information and staying focused on defined strategic goals, IPFW will finish this year stronger and better prepared for the future.