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 Apps recommend by Apple

Below is the list of apps that were demonstrated at the first meeting of the cohort on Friday, August 19

WolframAlpha  Dragon Dictation
Penultimate Evernote Peek
Notability                Frog Dissection
Idea Flight The Elements: A Visual Exploration
Solar System Algebra Touch
Star Walk for iPad Our Choice
Goodreader for iPad

Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo and Juliet 
There is also an "in Bits apps" for Macbeth

Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant
There are also Wolfram app for AlgebraPrecalculus and Mulitvariable Calculaus

IPFW's Favorite Apps

Below are a list of apps that have come recommend by the faculty.



Why they come recommend.
Air Sketch

"This app allows for presentation of content in class or for giving talks.  It frees you up to move about the room, allows you to draw on your existing presentation as well as insert new material on the fly.  You can hand off the device allowing others to participate in the discussion/presentation as well.  Any modifications you make to your slides can be saved and mailed off as PDFs or images for review as well.  The only short comings I have noted are the activation of the screen saver on the host machine during presentations, a fixed screen resolution and an inability to screen capture.  If this would capture a video similar to ShowMe it would be amazing.  Many apps along with airsketch (smartseat, showme, coloruncovered, etc) have proven to be useful even if just to inspire the creation of new apps for use in class." 

"Air sketch is amazing because you are free to pass your ipad around the room or walk around the room."

AmpliTube for iPad

"I am using it for live music performance and also as a multi-track recording device to make mp3's of music for my students to play along."

Awesome Lists - To do + Lists for iPad
"I use it to keep lists of things to do, projects, etc. It works for both personal and professional tasks all in one app."


"I love Dropbox because I can download and upload documents among all of my computers--the iPad, my iMac at home, and my PC at work. This way I am never without a file or document in class ; sometimes I have to change my lesson plan on the fly, and it's great to be able to get to all of my files, no matter what."

EasyBib, for iPad

"Very useful to format sources in APA or MLA style. Annoying ads but extremely useful."

GoodReader for iPad

"This is a must have for anyone doing two way distance courses and receiving assignments as PDFs from off campus locations such as the Warsaw center.  You can easily mark them up, and send them back to the students quickly which is important in the two way courses especially with exams.  Mailing materials back to Warsaw or even scanning and emailing is a bit more of a time stretch or hassle than just knocking it out with good reader.  This can of course be applied to any course you are involved in where electronic submission is encouraged."

GradeBook Pro

"Since this semester it was announced the school would launch the new Blackboard in the Spring semester, I decided to wait and use something else instead of trying to learn something now that was going to change. So I got this app and it's fabulous! I grade EVERYTHING in here for my 3 classes. It averages for you too. You can tell it if an absence is excused or not and same with tardiness. Backs up to Dropbox. This is the app I use the most. It's my roll book."


"Fabulous bookmarking app and site to collect articles on the web. Allows you to create folders based on topics and you can move articles to those folders. News apps allow you to send articles to your Instapaper account. It's sweet!"

My Library

"Scan a barcode of a book, DVD, CD, and voila, it goes to a library of your materials on your device."


"Better than Penultimate. Select notebooks, create notebooks, select colors, nib size, paper background, etc. I use it to take notes— my notes are visual, so I sketch too— and to get ideas down. Save them as PDF and upload them to Dropbox, email them or print them."

Open Culture

"Great little app (designed for the iPhone). Collects all kinds of quirky and popular culture news. Very handy for designers when we want to find more about say the 10 scary books or so. They also have free lectures by people like Foucalt, free language classes, and free books."


"It allows me to compose documents and share them on the go"

"Pages for ipad is so easy to use that I find myself creating document on my ipad even when I am next to my PC

PDF Expert - Fill forms, annotate PDFs

"I keep all my syllabus in here. It allows me to comment on them, make notes, highlight things, and others. I have contacted them asking if they will develop the app further so that one can create smart forms (like rubrics for grading). Though I can't create the forms yet in ODF Expert. I create them in Acrobat and I fill them in the iPad grading in class. You can also print, email and save them to Dropbox."

Science360 for iPad

"Science360 for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions. Features include:

- Spectacular images from NSF-funded institutions available in high resolution for download to your iPad
- Fun and engaging streaming video on a wide range of topics
- Hundreds of images and videos to experience, with new content added weekly
- Share images and videos on Facebook and Twitter or via email
- Keep abreast of breaking stories in scientific discovery as they happen with the in-app news feed
- Pan through content in the unique 360 view or find content via keyword with a simple two finger touch
- With a single touch, save favorite images and video within the app so that they can easily be found again"

Skeletal System Pro II - (NOVA Series) - iPhone edition

"Skeletal pro is really geared to skeletal anatomy so this is not an app for everyone"

Sounds Of Nature

"This app has nothing to do with teaching and everything to do with productivity.  In our department we, of course, have a lot of conversations going on in the suite/hallway.  This is good, it allows us to connect.  But, it makes it hard to get work done unless you close the door (which I don't do often because I'm chair).  So, this app creates a very soothing (but not tiring) "white noise" that allows me to work and not be distracted by conversations (also works at home when the TV is on and I'm in the other room :)."


"Who doesn't love having TED talks on their device? Great for classes when I want them to find a talk or see a talk."