Frequently Asked Questions

View the list of affected IU software. If you have a question that is not addressed in this list, email 

Q. How long can I use software currently licensed through IU or IUware? (Update 6/18/2018)
A. All existing IU licensed software that is utilized by Purdue Fort Wayne employees/students/faculty will be discontinued effective July 1, 2018. This includes personal and university use for faculty, staff, students, and emeritus faculty.

Q. Will we continue to have access to all the software we currently have access to? (Updated 6/18/2018)
A. A list of available software for the 2018 - 2019 Academic year is available: 

Q. Will software need to be reinstalled after July 1, 2018?  (Update 6/18/2018)
A. Some reinstallation and/or reconfiguration may be necessary. For university owned equipment, we will pursue automated updating of applications. For personal use, reinstallation may be necessary.

Q. Will there be any gaps in service?
A. We will be working to minimize any disruption in service.

Q. I use a software package with an annual license that expires 1 year from the date of purchase. Can I keep using this until July 1, 2018? (Updated 11/10/17)
A. If the license expires before July 1, 2018, you must stop using it when the license expires. For math, statistical, and research software media purchased through the bookstore, we will not be able to renew these licenses through IU anymore. You should have received your license expiration date when you purchased the software.

Q: When will my login to IUware stop working?  (Updated 4/26/18)
A: This will occur on June 30, 2018.

Q:  Why is licensing being changed?  (Added 4/26/18)
A:  Some of the software we have had in the past was purchased through our affiliation with Indiana University.  As of July 1, 2018 Purdue Fort Wayne is no longer entitled to this service.  Accordingly, we have been researching and procuring alternatives.

Q:  How will I access software after July 1, 2018?  (Updated 6/18/18)
A:  For office and lab computers, you will access software the same way you have previously - via software center (Windows) and Filewave (Macs).  Different software will be accessed in different ways and will depend upon whether you are an employee or a student of Purdue Fort Wayne or Indiana University Fort Wayne.  For additional information, see: 

Q:  How much will software for personal use cost?  (Updated 6/18/18)
A:  At this point, we do not know an exact cost.  We are still working through the process and will provide detailed information once it becomes available.  For more information, see: