Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Will my email address change?
A. Yes.  It will be and will no longer contain "students".

Q. Will my username change?
A. No usernames will be changed. One exception is for shared mailboxes where “ipfw” is part of the mailbox name.

Q. How long will my old "ipfw" email address work? (Updated 12/6/17)
A. IPFW addresses will cease to function on July 1, 2019 when we lose the authority to have IPFW via the Higher Education Commission.  After July 1, 2019, senders will receive a generic "undeliverable" message which will not contain any forwarding information.

Q. Will I log into email the same way I do now?
A. It is our intention and hope to keep the process as similar as possible.

Q. Will the size of my inbox change?
A. Gmail mailboxes are unlimited, O365 mailboxes have a 50GB quota.

Q. Will my mail, contacts, calendar appointments, and documents be migrated?
A. You will be able to migrate your information.  ITS will provide further instructions at a later date.

Q. Will I still have access through my phone?
A. Yes.  Further instructions will be provided.

Q. Can I export Google calendars and import them into O365?
A. Yes you can.  Further instructions will be provided at a later date.

Q. How will IU Fort Wayne students be affected?
A. All new IU Fort Wayne students will  receive Purdue Fort Wayne accounts, including email.  All existing IU Fort Wayne students will need to perform the same opt-in functions that Purdue Fort Wayne students complete.

Q. Will this change affect student employees?
A. A very small number of student employees will be affected. Those with student employee accounts will be contacted to become early adopters in Office 365/Outlook. The student employee account will be merged with the student account.

Q. Will newly admitted students be affected?  (Updated 6/18/2018)
A. All new students are receiving O365 email accounts, they will not receive Google email accounts.

Q. How will IPFW listservs be affected? (Added 11/7/17)
A. List names and owner/subscriber email addresses will need to be updated to reflect the new domain name.  IT Services has obtained white papers from the vendor on how to globally change lists names and addresses as well as owner, moderator, and subscriber email addresses.  List owners will not need to take any action for this to happen.  List owners will receive periodic updates and timelines via email.

Q: When can I switch to Office 365? (update 6/18/18)
A: Notification will be going out in July 2018