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IPFW and Indiana National Guard Announce First-Ever Leadership Program Partnership

Indiana National Guard is a proud partner with IPFW Student Life and Leadership since 2016. Through this partnership, the Leadership Development Program at IPFW has expanded the scope of Leadership Education and has insured opportunities for formal and informal leadership development experiences. This partnership enhances IPFW's vision to be recognized for a transformative learning environment characterized by intensive mentoring, excellence in faculty scholarship and knowledge creation, integration of life and work experiences, and community engagement. It will help fulfill IPFW values by offering:

  • “Access to affordable and high-quality programs and services;
  • An environment of open intellectual inquiry, mutual respect, shared governance and civility;
  • An environment that enhances learning by recognizing the inherent worth of all individuals and celebrating differences of culture, background, and experience among all individuals and groups;
  • The higher ethical standards of equity, fairness, transparency, and academic integrity; and
  • A multifaceted and mutually beneficial collaboration with Fort Wayne and the greater northeast Indiana region.”

Learning outcomes for this program include:

  • Increased commitment to civic engagement and volunteerism;
  • Demonstration of intercultural competence and the value for multiculturalism within the region;
  • Acquisition of a well-rounded knowledge base and sense of self to prepare participants for vibrant and ethical leadership;
  • Demonstration of ability to engage in critical thinking and creative problem solving to effectively lead others;
  • Knowledge of different leadership models; and
  • Development of a personal knowledge of leadership.

2016-2017 Leadership Development Program details include:

  • Lunches with Leaders Leadership Series (once/month throughout academic year)
  • Fall Freshman Leadership Retreat (October 2016)
  • Community Service Fair (November 2016)
  • Sincerely, Me Program (November 2016)
  • The BIG Event (April 2017)
  • Leadership Impact Award presented by Indiana National Guard (May 2017)

For more information on this partnership please contact Kasey Price at pricek@ipfw.edu or Lt. Ariel Lawburgh at ariel.j.lawburgh.mil@mail.mil

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