Homecoming Committee

Homecoming 2018 could not be possible without the incredible work the following committee members do!

Audrey Donat, Homecoming Committee Chair
Department: Office of the Bursar
email: donata@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-6333
Jason Anderson
Department: Student Life and Leadership
email: andersjs@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-6637
Beth Black
Department: Follets University Bookstore
email: 0281ASM@follett.com
Ron Clark
Department: Athletics
email: clark@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-6617
Jordyn Hogan
Department: Housing
email: newmanj@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-0186
Ashley Malone
Department: Special Events
email: malonea@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-0323
Billie O'Dell
Department: Indiana-Purdue Student Government Association / Student Activities Board
email: stuvpsp@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-6590
Victoria Sarjeant
Department: Alumni Relations
email: victoria.sarjeant@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-0241


Victoria Spencer
Department: Student Government
email: spencerv@ipfw.edu
phone: 260-481-6485
James Velez
Department: Admissions
phone: 260-481-0349