IPFW Foundation



IPFW is a public comprehensive university, created by Indiana University and Purdue University to serve the higher education needs of northeast Indiana. Our mission is to offer a broad range of high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs that meet regional needs; to support excellence in teaching and learning; to advance and share knowledge through research and creative endeavor; and to work with the community to develop intellectual, cultural, economic, and human resources.


We are committed to excellence in teaching, student learning, and research and creative endeavor. As such, IPFW values

  • The pursuit of knowledge in an environment that encourages free and open inquiry, academic achievement, scholarship, and creativity.
  • A strong general education program that is rooted in the traditions of the sciences, arts, and humanities; emphasizes critical thinking; and promotes lifelong learning.
  • A commitment to student access and success that is demonstrated through services and student life programs responsive to individual needs and interests.
  • A campus environment that promotes integrity, respect for diversity, responsible citizenship, and continuous improvement through assessment.
  • The principles of shared governance, civil discourse, and open communication among all groups within the university.
  • The traditions of scholarly excellence and public engagement of Indiana University and Purdue University.
  • The professional commitment and accomplishments of faculty and staff.
  • Partnership with the community to enhance social, economic, cultural, civic, and intellectual life in the region.


IPFW will be a nationally recognized regional university known for

  • The excellence, value, and accessibility of our academic programs.
  • An exceptional environment for teaching, learning, and student achievement.
  • The scholarly and creative accomplishments of our faculty, students, and staff.
  • Our contributions to the quality of life of the region.