IPFW Foundation

Annual Meetings

IPFW Foundation Annual Meeting


September 19, 2017

10:30 am

Steel Dynamics Keith Busse Alumni Center

Call to Order— Becky Teagarden presiding for Bill Cast, President

                   Mission of IPFW Foundation/opening remarks

Approval of September 20, 2016 Minutes

Introduction of Members—Becky Teagarden

                   New Indiana University and Purdue University Trustees

                   Newly Appointed Purdue University and Indiana University Directors

                   New Public Members in 2017

                   Introduction of Public Members

                   “In memoriam of Foundation members who left us in 2016-17”


                   Election of Public Member’s Director

                   Election of Public Member’s Officers

                   Election of Officers for 2017-2018

                   Election of Executive Committee for 2017-2018

Report of Treasurer - Jim Almond, Senior Vice President & Asst. Treasurer, Purdue University, West Lafayette

Report of Executive Committee – Becky Teagarden

                   Date of 2018 Annual meeting

Advancement Report – Dr. Angie Fincannon, Vice Chancellor, Advancement

State of Campus Report – Physical Plant Director, Greg Justice

Realignment of IPFW update – Jim Almond, Senior Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Purdue University, West Lafayette

Any Other Business



         Lunch will be served immediately following the meeting.