Rave Guardian is a free app for your phone that provides safety services to the Purdue Fort Wayne University employees and students both on and off campus.

Simply download Rave Guardian in the Apple Store or on Google Play. 

Guardian 4 Download Rave

Once you download Guardian and fill in your email address and phone number you will see the following tiles for the apps features.  

Student Orientation Slides - Rave Guardian Launch

  • Chat tile allows you to communicate with PFWPD directly. It is a great way to quietly alert the police about a situation. 

chat 1chat 2chat 4

You can text as yourself or anonymously if you feel more comfortable. Sharing your location will not void your anonymity.  

chat 3 

  • Watch Over Me tile allows you to ask guardians to virtually check on you as you make your way to your destination. This feature can be used both on and off campus. 

In 5 easy steps, users can set a virtual safety timer to have contacts watch over them for an added layer of security.

  1. Add Guardian
  2. Say where they are going
  3. Set duration
  4. Start the timer
  5. Selected contacts will get a text and can select to monitor the timer session without the use of an app.

If you do not reach your destination within the designated time your Guardians will be notified.  

watch over me

  • Inbox is where your campus alerts will come just like an email inbox.
  • Call Directory is full of contact information, hours of operation, and locations of both campus and community resources such as Poison Control, HR, or the Dean of Students all in a single location.  
  • Content Directory allows you fast, easy access to campus information you need to know such as; the emergency response plans and safety procedures. 
  • University PD non emergency can be contacted with on push of a button.
  • 9-1-1 can be contacted with one push of a button. 

Your privacy is always protected when using the app.

For more information please watch this informational video

 or check our Frequently Asked Questions