Rave Guardian FAQ’s

Q: What is Rave Guardian?

A: Rave Guardian is an free app for your iOS and Android devices that provides safety services to Purdue University Fort Wayne employees and students. 

Q: How Does Rave Guardian Work?

A: The Rave Guardian app provides several tools you can use to enhance your safety on campus: 

Emergency calls & safety tips: Call or provide tips (including photos) to Campus Safety about an unsafe situation on campus. Or call 911 directly from the app.

Directly contact friends or family: Import contacts into the Rave Guardian app and communicate directly with trusted contacts. 

Set a safety timer: If you’re heading out alone, set a safety timer. The app automatically notifies your contacts if the timer expires before you disable it. 

Guard someone else: Receive safety notifications via the Rave Guardian app on behalf of others. 

Create a safety profile: Automatically share key information about yourself, including a photo and information about medical conditions or allergies, in the event of an emergency.  

The app includes step-by-step instructions for configuring and using each of these tools. 

Q: How Can I Get Rave Guardian?

A: You can download the Rave Guardian app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Q: How Do I Set Up Rave Guardian?

A: The Rave Guardian app walks you through each of the setup steps. For a preview of the setup process, see our Rave Guardian Set up (link) page. (This is their link, would be cool to do something like this for our page https://lbis.kenyon.edu/facilities-technology/help/raveguardianoverview)

Q: What if the Rave Guardian App Doesn't Install Correctly?

A: If you've downloaded the Rave Guardian app but it won't open on your mobile device, consult instructions for managing apps on your iOS or Android devices. For more assistance, contact your cell phone carrier.

Q: How do I change my mobile number? 

A: Within the Guardian App: click your profile picture labeled “My Account” on the bottom of the homepage. This will allow you to edit all of your information.

Q: What should I include in my profile? 

A: The more information you provide, the more University Police knows if they need to assist you in an emergency. At a minimum, your address (home and school), your physical description and a recent photo are great places to start. If you have a particular health issue or other personal safety concern, you can include that information as well. YOU decide what YOU provide.

Q: Who is able to use the Rave Guardian app?

A: PFW students, alumni’s, retirees, faculty and staff with an @pfw.edu email address are able to log into the Rave Guardian app.

Q: Is my privacy protected? 

A: Your profile data is stored privately and securely within Rave Mobile Safety's redundant and geographically diverse databases. Your profile can only be viewed by whomever you designate as a Guardian when your timer expires, or to Public safety when you send a tip or you dial 9-1-1 (depending on campus location).

Q: Can Rave Guardian track me? 

A: No, your privacy is of utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help and Rave Guardian is only enabled when you choose to activate an alarm on your phone. Rave Guardian can allow your designated Guardian to locate your approximate location when your timer expires and it can allow University Police to locate your approximate location when you place a call to University Police. However, it cannot be used to locate you without your knowledge. Your profile and location (if you have enabled the location service) are only available to your Guardian or Public Safety when your timer expires or you call 9-1-1.

Q: Does this mean University Police will automatically know where everyone with the app is?

A: No. Alongside ensuring your safety, maintaining privacy is our highest priority. The Rave Guardian app will only report your location to University Police in the event of an emergency if you have location services enabled on your device. Additionally, your designated Guardian will only have access to your profile and location if a Safety Timer is set up with them as the recipient.

Q:  Why won’t my phone download the app?

A: There could be many reasons for this: your memory may be full, you may have restrictions on your phone, etc. It is best to start by contacting your cell phone carrier to assist you with the download.

Q: Who can be assigned as a Guardian?

A: Anyone you desire. Guardians do not have to be affiliated with PFW, and can be any individual you designate and assign as such within the app. You are in full control of this feature. It only works when you program it to.

Q: Is University Police automatically notified when my Safety Timer expires?

A: If you have designated University Police as your Guardian during that session, Yes.
     If you have designated someone else as your Guardian during that session the system only notifies your designated Guardian. Your designated Guardian has the option to contact University Police when a time expires, but that decision is at the discretion of your designated Guardian.

Q: Does Rave Guardian work off-campus?

A: The features of the app will work off-campus; however, if you have an emergency at an off-campus location you should dial 9-1-1, or press the "call 9-1-1" button within the app. If you call campus police from the app and are not on campus, they will refer you to your local 9-1-1. Additionally, the tip feature is for campus locations only. If you send a tip that is not on campus, the case will be closed. 

Q: Are the tips sent through Rave Guardian anonymous?

A: If desired. When initiating a chat with campus officials or University Police, users will have the option to “Go Anonymous”. When this option is triggered, campus officials and University Police will not receive any identifiable information when the chat is initiated. However, if the user is away from their device after an anonymous chat session is initiated, campus officials and University Police will not have means to contact the user outside of the app.

Q: Do I have to have push notifications turned on for Rave Guardian? 

A: We recommend that you allow notifications from Rave Guardian. This will alert you when your safety timer is about to run out, when you’ve received a response from University Police or when someone has requested you as a Guardian.