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Questions on Dining 

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Catering Questions


What is considered catering?

Any use of university funds to purchase food and beverages.

What is considered university funds?

University funds include, but are not limited to, general operating budget, student service fees, and other gifts to the university.  Any questions regarding your university cost center/funds should be directed to your business manager.  

What is considered on campus?

On campus includes all buildings and property owned, operated or maintained by IPFW.  Properties that are owned by the university or the IPFW Foundation but leased to outside entities are not considered on campus. Such properties are:  Holiday Inn at IPFW and Coliseum, the CVS strip mall located at Crescent and Hobson, the Plex, NE Indiana Innovation Center and the childcare center.


When do I have to use Classic Fare through Aramark for catering?

 Aramark has exclusive rights for catering orders over $250 for on campus events when paid for with university funds.  Use Classic Fare whenever researching or placing catering orders for the university.

*Pepsi has the exclusive rights on cold beverages.  Aramark can certainly provide bottles, cans, or pre-packaged Pepsi products, but you can still purchase directly from Pepsi or utilize Pepsi's exception on certain bottled waters.  Click here to review those rights and options available to you.

How do I place a catering order with Classic Fare of Aramark?

Click How To Order Catering from Classic Fare Catering for those instructions.

Can the department keep left over food from their catering event?

If the department wants the left over food they will need to plan for appropriate containers/storage and remove it prior to Aramark's scheduled clean up time with the following caveat.  Aramark is only liable for the preservation of temperature sensitive food such as meat or diary during the scheduled catering time and for the food at the catering site.  Departments take on the responsibility of determining what food is still edible when they remove the left overs.  Use your best judgement on whether the left over food is worth saving.  

Note: As bottled water and sodas are charged per bottle,any remaining bottles for Aramark to remove would NOT be charged to the department.

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Is Classic Fare going to cost more?

The Aramark's Classic Fare team will work with you to provide options to meet your needs and budget. Classic Fare's quote may include paper products, eating utensils, and linens for tables holding food and other sundries that another quote may not. If you do not need these items, inform Aramark; however, you may prefer to have them supplied than making a trip to purchase them yourself.

Keep in mind that costs associated with departments making trips to purchase or pick-up items and tipping vendors will be saved.

Do we tip Aramark servers?

No, Aramark staff will not accept tips.

How do I get an account to enter catering orders online with Aramark's Classic Fare?

Email the following information to Connie Rosenbloom copying your business manager:  name, email address, department, office phone number, and building and room number.  Once your business manager approves, Connie will submit this information to Aramark.  You will receive an email from Aramark with your account information and instructions.  Their online system is very easy to use. 

When can I order catering online?

Once you have received your account information from Aramark, follow their instructions to use their system.

When should I place my catering order?

You can place your catering order with Classic Fare as soon as you have the information for the event. As a general guide: for groups of 25 or less Aramark needs at least 24 hours.  I advise placing the order a week ahead of time in case Aramark cannot provide the catering.  That would give you more time to find another caterer.  For larger groups or special food requests, give them at least a couple of weeks.

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I received a Classic Fare Service Catering Form after my event.  Do I pay that?

No.  Classic Fare's catering system will email the requestor an invoice but do not process for payment.   Do review this document for accuracy on what you did receive.  Contact Eric May at 765-404-2919 to discuss any discrepancies or questions. Aramark will submit a monthly invoice to IPFW's Accounting Services for payment by the university.  Accounting Services will work with individual departments to charge against department cost centers.  Please retain your service catering forms or subsequent revisions so that you are properly charged. 

When will I receive an invoice from Classic Fare for my catering order?

Departments will receive an electronic invoice from Aramark's Classic Fare but do not pay this invoice. Do review this document for accuracy on what you did receive.  Contact Eric May at 765-404-2919 to discuss any discrepancies or questions.  Your department will be charged for the catering purchased through Accounting Services.  Accounting Services has requested that departments provide Aramark the fund/cost center numbers on all orders.  If catering is being paid through an Internal Order number provide both the cost center and internal order number.


Can I still purchase cold beverages directly from Pepsi?

Yes.  If you don't already have a Pepsi account, email Connie Rosenbloom or Cyndy Elick to discuss.

Can I still purchase store branded water e.g. Kroger, Walmart?

Yes, in accordance with the agreement with Pepsi. Click here to review those stipulations.

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Where is on-campus dining at IPFW?

Click here to see campus locations, hours and link to Aramark menus.

Can I use my Mastodon card to purchase food at campus dining?

Yes, you can purchase meal plans or create and add money to your personal Don Dollars account online via myIPFW.  Those funds can be accessed through your Mastodon campus card.  Aramark is offering a 5% discount when you use your Don Dollars account to purchase food or beverages from any of their three IPFW locations.  This does not include catering purchases.  Click here to go to Campus Credentials website for more detailed information about purchasing meal plans or setting up and adding funds to your Don Dollars account.

What's a guest or rotating restaurant?

Guest Restaurant: Aramark periodically has partnered with area restaurants to come to Don's at Walb  campus over lunch hour to offer the IPFW community additional food options while supplies last such as Chick-Fil-A sandwiches or Hungry Howies.

Rotating Restaurant:  Aramark's chef provides different menu items from the standard fare.  These items range from various home style cooking to Mexican, Italian and Asian! 

Click here to see the Aramark's menus at their various IPFW locations.

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Contact Information for Aramark Dining and Catering

 Food Services Director -

Eric May maye@ipfw.edu

Walb office - 260-481-0440

Cell: 765-404-2919 

IPFW Food Services Advisory Team - IPFW faculty, students and staff who meet with Aramark to share concerns, offer opinions and advise.  If you have any questions or concerns about Aramark food services on campus it is best to contact Aramark directly either through the director's contact information above or via the Feedback link below; however, you can also contact a member of this team:

Alexander Sanderson  IPSGA Vice President of Legislation

Billie O'Dell, IPSGA Vice President of Programming

Cyndy Elick, Contract Administrators

Eric Norman, Chief Student Affairs Office/Dean of Students

Evan Lunceford,  IPSGA Student Body President

Greg Justice, Director of Physical Plant Operations

Janet Badia, Professor of Women's Studies

Kasey Price, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life & Leadership

Liane Ambrose, Special Events Coordinator

LV McAllister, Manager of Customer Service Center

Melinda Conley, Director of Marketing DCS

Michele Shawver, Assistant Director, Honors

Scott Troemel, Technical Service Coordinator, College TV

Steve George, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Susan Castleman, Account Clerk, Student Housing


You can give feedback directly to Aramark by going to www.aramarkcafe.com/ipfw.  Choose the location you wish to give feedback from the list.  Click on Voice of the Consumer or Feedback, complete and submit the form.