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 Abstract Submission Information

  • Abstract should include a title.
  • Abstract should not exceed 400 words.
  • This is a blind review. Do not include your name or affiliation within the abstract.
  • Abstract should be submitted to Barry Dupen, Phd;
  • Due Date:  Friday, December 19, 2014
  • For more information, click here.



Due Dates

Abstract Submission Due

December   19, 2014

Abstract Acceptance Notification

December   20, 2014

Full Manuscript Due

February 1, 2015

Reviews to the Author(s)

February 23, 2015

Final Manuscript Due

March 13, 2015

At least one author must complete a conference registration

March 13, 2015


Final Paper Formatting Guidelines

  •  Final Paper Due: Febuary 1, 2015
  •  Conference registration is required for paper publication in conference proceedings.

Title Page (top part of first page only)

  1. Title of Paper: Title must be centered with at least a one and one-half inch margin on the left and right.
  2. Font: Times New Roman typeface is required, bold faced, 14 point.
  3. Author and affiliation, including email addresses, must be included in all submissions.

Body of the Paper (beginning under the title information on the first page and continuing with all subsequent pages)

  1. First Page: The paper will be in a one-column format with left justification. There must be a 1 inch margin on the left, right, and bottom. Font: Times New Roman typeface is required, 12 point, skipping one line between paragraphs.
  2. Second and All Subsequent Pages: There must be a 1 inch margin all around (top, bottom, right, left) in one column format, left justification, skipping one line between paragraphs.
  3. Font: Times New Roman typeface is required, 12 point, using only standard symbols and abbreviations in text and illustrations.
  4. Abstracts: The abstract must be included between the title and the body of the paper, but not on a separate page.
  5. Headings: Headings are not required but can be included. If used, headings must be left justified, lowercase, with the same font and size as the body of the paper. There must be only one blank line between the heading and the paragraph.
  6. Footnotes, Page Numbers, and Copyright Notice: Do not include any footnotes, page numbers or copyright notice. Any footnotes must be turned into end notes. The copyright notice will be automatically inserted into the final paper.
  7. Graphs, Tables, Figures, Appendices: Graphs, tables, figures, and appendices must fit within the margins (one inch all around) and match the font format (when possible).
  8. Length: There is no set limit for the number of pages a paper can or must have, although, excessively long papers are discouraged.

Bibliographic Information (following body of paper)

  1. Format: The bibliography must begin 4 spaces below the body of the paper using the same margins as the body.
  2. Font: Times New Roman typeface is required, 10 point.
  3. Referencing: Every reference must be listed and numbered. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number in superscript form.