Appleseed Writing Project

T3: Teachers Teaching Teachers

writer's marathonEach year in the fall, Appleseed Writing Project hosts a workshop, formally known as a "Day of Demos." This is the National Writing Project's central concept of teachers teaching teachers at its best. A "demo" is a teaching demonstration designed to spark new ideas for all teachers to implement within their classrooms.

NWP Summer and Writing Institute participants are very familiar with the term "demo" -- the formal demonstration of a teaching practice that every institute fellow presents to all the other participants. The idea of a "demo" is not to present a lesson as if the participants are students and the demonstrator is the teacher, but rather that the presenter gives a research-based rationale, an order of procedure for a model lesson, and a reflection on the lesson in practice to his or her peers. This kind of interaction allows the presenter teacher to see the lesson from different perspectives and for the audience teachers to take away new vigor and fresh ideas to implement in their own classrooms. 

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