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Values and Culture

Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity


Values and culture matter here.


Purdue Fort Wayne is a large and complex community of talented individuals who work together to provide an outstanding educational experience for our students. We are passionate about what we do. We strategize, we collaborate, we debate. It’s all part of the spirit and rigor of a thriving university environment, which can have the potential to create conflict. Our ultimate success, individually and collectively, depends on all of us being bound together by the values and culture that define our campus community.

We are guided in our daily work by our Mission, Vision, Values, and Principles, which articulate our shared commitment to cultivating learning, discovery, and innovation in an inclusive environment. This commitment is embodied in the beliefs and behaviors that we expect of ourselves and each other.

Inclusion and Belonging

Being authentic, without judgment.

Beyond inclusion, we strive to foster a sense of belonging among all individuals in our university community. We fully accept and support each other, regardless of our differences. Our university grows stronger when we understand and appreciate the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and talent we all bring to Purdue Fort Wayne.

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respect and empathy

Compassion can be contagious.

When we show genuine respect for each other, empathy will follow. We respect each other by recognizing that each of us has the potential to contribute new ideas and by giving one another the opportunity to share perspectives and experiences. Showing concern and compassion for the well-being of our colleagues costs nothing but reaps generous returns for the overall welfare of our campus.

integrity and trust

Work that stands up to scrutiny.

Our most valuable resource is our people, and each of us is expected to make decisions that are consistent with our position and responsibilities. While we learn and grow from our mistakes, we are accountable for approaching our jobs with honesty, transparency, and positive intentions. We set the bar high for interactions with colleagues and for being good stewards of the university’s resources.

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Boundaries and Balance

Good fences make good neighbors.

Recognizing, understanding, and observing professional and personal boundaries is essential in our workplace. In our daily interactions, we acknowledge organizational boundaries and expertise and fully understand the chain of command and lines of authority and decision-making. We are expected to behave professionally; perform competently; and adhere to all policies, procedures, and laws that govern the university.

listening and sharing

Civil discourse stimulates critical thinking.

True collaboration begins with active listening and the unselfish sharing of ideas and experiences. We expect members of the university community to engage in civil discourse that stimulates critical thinking, focuses on problem-solving, and leads to innovation. The rich diversity that exists at Purdue Fort Wayne must be treasured and nurtured to ensure that everyone has a voice that can be heard and that everyone has a role to play in advancing the noble mission of the university.

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Figure drawing professor lecturing on faces and proportions in drawing.

excellence and impact

Making a real difference in the world.

Our university is deeply committed to the success of each member of our campus community—our students, faculty, and staff. We strive to stimulate learning, creativity, discovery, and innovation that make a lasting impact in the lives of our students and that make our communities and our world a better place to live. We have high aspirations and are willing to put in the work it takes to reach even our loftiest goals.