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Resolution Pathways

Student Conduct and Student Code




Our faculty, staff, and administrators have an obligation to uphold the university’s statements of diversity, civility, integral and ethical conduct, academic freedom, and freedom of speech. Our code of student rights, responsibilities, and conduct, which governs student action, is intended to enhance the values that must be maintained in the pursuit of Purdue University Fort Wayne’s mission and goals. These values include freedom of inquiry, intellectual honesty, freedom for the open expression of ideas and opinions within limits that protect the rights of others, and respect for the views and the dignity of other persons. 

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Students only.

Employees may submit referrals for students.

Types of SItuations

Incidents may include alcohol, drugs, disruptive behavior, academic misconduct, weapons, theft, vandalism, or threats.

See policy for full details.


Submitted conduct information is reviewed Monday–Friday during business hours.

No formal timeline.

How it works

The formal student conduct process is to notify the student of the alleged incident and follow all proceedings listed in the student code.

Cases may overlap with law enforcement, depending on the situation.


Abby Blackmon
Director of Student Conduct and Care
[email protected]

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