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Student Complaint procedures

Resolution Pathways

Student Complaint Procedures


The Office of Student Conduct and Care is committed to ensuring that all students are able to thrive in the safest and healthiest environment possible. We are here to support students in the event they need to report an incident or submit a complaint.

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Students only.

Types of SItuations

Issues with grades, complaints with instructors, faculty, or staff, or issues with other students.


No timeline.

How it works

Students should contact the office to schedule a meeting to go over their concerns.

Students and the office will create a plan to address the situation based on the desires of the student.

Outcomes may include a referral to the Office of Institutional Equity, Title IX action, grade-appeal process, referral to the department chair, or no further action.


Abby Blackmon
Director of Student Conduct and Care
[email protected]

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