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Care team referrals

Resolution Pathways

CARE Team Referrals


The CARE Referral Form was designed to assist currently enrolled students who may be experiencing any number of hardships. A member of the CARE Team will follow up with the student as soon as possible and provide appropriate assistance, resources, and referrals. 

Submit a Referral


Students only.

Employees can submit referrals for students.

Types of SItuations

CARE referrals should be submitted for students of concern. Typically, these concerns include mental health, hospitalization, depression/anxiety, bereavement, absenteeism, homelessness, food insecurity, or other behaviors that impede a student’s ability to be successful.


CARE referrals are reviewed Monday–Friday during business hours. Outreach will occur as soon as possible. No formal timeline.

How it works

The office will conduct outreach to the student. Outreach may include email, phone calls, and wellness checks by student housing staff if needed.

Office staff will connect the student with resources and support to ensure that they have what is needed to be successful.


Abby Blackmon
Director of Student Conduct and Care
[email protected]

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