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Associate Vice Chancellor HR and OIE

Resolution pathways

Alternative Dispute Resolution


All employees are encouraged to seek and obtain answers to questions or concerns relating to their employment and working conditions through normal, day-to-day supervisory contacts and channels. However, when informal discussions do not resolve a conflict to an employee’s satisfaction, and the matter meets the definition of a dispute, employees covered by this policy may utilize the dispute resolution pathway to address the issue.

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Staff only.

Types of SItuations

When informal discussions are not resolve to employee’s satisfaction and the issue meets the dispute definition.

See policy for full details.


Written statement presented to associate vice chancellor for HR and OIE within 10 days of alleged action.

How it works

The informal process uses a mediation framework. A trained HR-OIE alternative dispute resolution specialist works with parties to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. The goal is not to decide who is right or wrong but to help parties understand what’s behind the conflict and brainstorm options to resolve it. If no resolution occurs, the pathway can be adjusted to the formal process.

In the formal process, a committee of trained employees review data, meets with the parties, and submit a report of findings and recommendations to the executive director of HR and OIE, who will render the final decision.


Tina Grady
Associate Vice Chancellor for HR and OIE

For scheduling, contact Alicia Mahoney at [email protected] or 260-481-0473

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