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Academic affairs

Resolution PathwayS

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Academic Affairs


The Office of Academic Affairs supports and sustains the comprehensive structure of the university by providing leadership in all areas of academic affairs, including academic policy, planning, curriculum, and faculty development.

Faculty Grievance Policy


We encourage our academic personnel to resolve disagreements through informal, frank, and open discussion. Occasionally, however, more formal processes are needed. When these issues are formally reported, we want to ensure that grievances and concerns are promptly and fairly resolved.

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Faculty only.

types of situations

Alleged violation of academic freedom, professional ethics, or procedural fairness.

See policy for full details.


Written statement presented to the chair of Faculty Mediation Committee within 30 days from the date of alleged action/incident.

how it works

Informal Resolution
Mediator appointed to assist with resolution; 30-day resolution time frame; status report submitted to mediation chair.

Formal Resolution
Must have sought informal resolution first. If unresolved, you may submit a report to the vice chancellor for academic affairs (VCAA) within 10 days after notification of informal outcome.

Panel selected.

Hearing conducted.

Panel submits final determination to the VCAA.

VCAA reviews and renders final determination.


Carl Drummond
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
[email protected]

For scheduling, please contact Julie Meyer, executive assistant, at [email protected] or 260-481-6113.