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We look forward to your success.

At the Honors Program, our students know what it means to go that "extra mile." And we support them along the way.

Designed for students who want to get the most out of their college education, we are an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that encourages high-achieving, talented students to pursue their pathways to excellence, including research endeavors, international studies, service, and community engagement. We provide the resources and support structure to help them get the most out of their college experience.

We are open to students of any major, and you can begin the program at any point in your college career.

Our students have access to a wide array of Honors-specific courses, from philosophy to calculus to chemistry. They may also apply for Honors scholarships, participate in the HonorDons student group, and use the resources in the Honors Center, including our quiet study rooms.

Our students who complete our program requirements earn the Purdue University Fort Wayne Honors Certificate and a medal engraved with their name. Along the way to graduation, they also open the academic, professional, and personal doors that accompany such an achievement.

At the Honors Program, you'll find opportunity.


Congratulations to Honors student Brandon Blumenherst on a successful rally on February 26, 2018, bringing awareness to the Fort Wayne community on gun violence and a demand for change. You can find more information regarding the rally at Students Demand Action Facebook page. 


Congratulations to Honors student Phillip Litchfield, Phillip had an editorial published in the News Sentinel/Journal Gazette LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Geezer generalizes entire generation attack on Millenials.