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Exit Counseling

A Perkins Loan Exit Interview reviews your rights and responsibilities for repayment of a Perkins Loan. Please review the following criteria to determine if you need an Exit Interview.

  • I am recently graduated
  • I am enrolled in 5 credit hours or less
  • I am no longer enrolled at IPFW

If any or all of the above apply to your current situation, this is why you received an email from ECSI indicating you need to complete an Exit Interview.

Please review the following statements to determine if they apply to you:

  • I have graduated with my associate degree, but will be continuing with my bachelors degree.
  • I am attending another university 6 credit hours or more
  • I am already in repayment of my Perkins Loan through IPFW (Purdue University)
  • I have already completed an Exit Interview

If any of the above four statements apply to you, then you may not be required to complete the Exit Interview. Please use the contact information for ECSI on the email you received and discuss your options.

If none of the four criteria above apply to you, you are required to complete the Exit Interview. If you do not complete the Exit Interview in the time allotted your records with IPFW will be Encumbered.  This means you are unable to register or receive a transcript. Remember: You will have a nine-month grace period before repayment of your loans begin.

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