Paying for College

Tax Information

The TRA (Taxpayer Relief Act) enacted several benefits for college students, including the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learner's Credit. IPFW will mail IRS Form 1098-T to all students who were billed for credit courses during 2013.

The American Opportunity Tax Credit extended, through December 2017.

The credit modifies the existing American Opportunity Tax Credit. For more information please visit the IRS Web site.

Questions and answers are available on the IRS Web site.

You can access your 1098T Tax Notification through goPFW.
Once you log in, click on the Enrollment tab, choose Tax Notification from the Student Services Box and enter the appropriate tax year. 1098T paper notifications will be mailed by the end of January every year.  Note for best results all student account data should be opened using Internet Explorer.

IPFW cannot determine if any individual student is eligible for the credit; you will need to get advice from the IRS or a tax adviser. But we have tried to help by providing factual information about fees paid as well as financial aid received on your 1098-T.