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Blood  pressure monitors


September 23

Heart Knowledge: High Blood Pressure and You


One-to-One Health’s hypertension program is a 6-week lifestyle education program where participants learn how to reduce health risks associated with high blood pressure. Participants will also track daily blood pressures with a provided blood pressure monitor.

Participants will meet for six weeks in group virtual sessions and will also schedule three individual health coaching sessions throughout the program. Visit Healthy Boiler Employee Well-being to view timeline of program.

Open to benefits-eligible employees and their covered spouses. Please register by August 26.

Lifestyle Education Workshops

Your Heart and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) significantly increases your risk for serious health conditions including heart attacks and strokes. That's why it is important to know what your blood pressure is, and make healthy lifestyle changes now, whether you have high blood pressure or you are trying to prevent it.

Heart Knowledge is a lifestyle education program that is designed to help faculty and staff with high blood pressure, those with a history of high blood pressure in their family, and those who want to prevent high blood pressure.

Lifestyle Education programs focus on creating lifelong habits to improve and maintain your health and well-being. Learn more about our lifestyle education workshops.



There are two ways for benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their covered spouses to register:

  • By using the Healthy Boiler portal, then scroll to Workshops. If you have not signed up for the Healthy Boiler Program, you may create an account and then log in to register for this program.
  • By emailing Bloom at [email protected].

Lindsay Bloom, employee health coach at Purdue Fort Wayne, and Megan Shidler, registered dietitian at the Purdue West Lafayette's Center for Healthy Living will present the program.

Lindsay Bloom


[email protected]