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March 31, 2023

Healthy Boiler Virtual Workshop: Medication Management in Retirement


The second workshop in the Healthy Boiler Retirement series will review best practices in medication storage, safety, and use. It will cover important medication questions to discuss with your provider and describe how to safely dispose of medications and used devices.

This workshop may provide some helpful tips and insights for those who are close to retirement age, whose parents are retired, or if you are a caregiver to a retired parent.

Please register by March 30.

The Pillars of Wellness and Retirement

Retirement and Your Well-being

How do you envision your retirement? No matter what your plans or age may be, it can be beneficial to examine what retirement looks like to you and how to transition from working full-time to being retired. Three virtual workshops will be held at the end of March.


  • Benefits-eligible employees and covered spouses may log in to the Healthy Boiler portal, then scroll to Healthy Boiler Workshops.
  • If you have not joined the Healthy Boiler Health and Incentive Program, you may email Bloom at [email protected] to register for this workshop..
  • Learn more about the benefits you receive when you join the Healthy Boiler Program and sign up at the Healthy Boiler portal to become a member.

Lindsay Bloom, employee health coach


[email protected]