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Garlic hummus in a bowl served with cucmber rounds and pita bread slices for Meatless Monday

Health and Wellness

March 20, 2023

Employee Well-being at Work

Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science Building, Room 206

Take 10 minutes out of your morning and meet with the Employee Well-being team for wellness tips, healthy snacks, giveaways, and information about upcoming events and programs.

For March we will have Meatless Monday in keeping with this month's theme of Nutrition: Back to the Basics. Health coach Lindsay Bloom will offer samples of meatless meals and the recipes to encourage you to participate in the monthly challenge where you make a meatless meal one day a week.

Our Meatless Monday recipes are Garlic Hummus and Chocolate Chia Pudding. Stop by to pick up a mid-morning snack and register to win this month's giveaway.


Chocolate chia pudding in a mason jar with spoon on a placemat for Meatless Mondays

take 10 minutes for health and well-being

Employee Well-being at Work

The Employee Well-being at Work event for faculty and staff in March will focus on nutrition, in particular substituting a meatless meal one day of the week, eating whole foods, and reducing processed foods in your diet.

March's event features samples of a delicious plant-based meatless meal that you can prepare at home. Increasing vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your diet while reducing or eliminating processed foods and sugar in your diet can help reduce lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more.

Visit the Employee Well-being web site for upcoming events for faculty and staff.

Employee Well-being at Work is a new program where the Employee Well-being team will be available to meet with faculty and staff each month. Our team is focused on working for you and your well-being.

Each month we will visit a different building and offer health and well-being tips or health checks, healthy snacks, giveaways, and information about upcoming events and programs. We would also like to gather information about your biggest health and well-being concerns so we can create programs to address your needs.


Attendees may enter their name to win this month's well-being incentive and giveaway, the Forks Over Knives Cookbook, featuring over 300 delicious and simple recipes.

Lindsay Bloom, employee health coach


[email protected]