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Strategic Plan

Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience

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Cultivating a dynamic, accessible, and healthy student experience.

The Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience will be recognized as a trusted leader and a model for diverse enrollment and innovative student services. We empower students to better themselves and their communities as they transform into global citizens. We put students first in all we do, from active recruitment through graduation and beyond.


What we’re working toward.

We will provide experiential opportunities for personal and professional development that will empower students in pursuit of their endeavors and prepare them for lifelong success.

Objective 1: Empower students to utilize campus and community resources to sustain their lifelong journey to holistic personal and professional success.

Objective 2: Integrate comprehensive wellness throughout the student experience by connecting students to physical and mental-health resources and well-being opportunities.

Objective 3: Actively identify and implement high-impact services that are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible to enhance each student’s personal and professional development.

We will create inclusive environments and opportunities for students to explore, learn, grow, and persist through engaging programming and services that adapt to our evolving student body.

Objective 1: Strengthen the impact of the Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience programming through purposeful planning, reflection, and assessment in alignment with professionally recognized standards.

Objective 2: Improve campus-wide communications to ensure that all students can engage and to encourage university faculty and staff to participate in programs and to make referrals to services.

Objective 3: Facilitate inclusive opportunities and experiences that develop leadership skills, increase cultural competence, uplift diverse populations, and that allow for peer engagement, growth and exposure, and cross-campus collaborations.

Objective 4: Strengthen community on campus through empowering students to actively participate in intentional learning and community building.

We will create a campus community in which students, faculty, staff, and alumni are proud to be members. We will ensure that Purdue University Fort Wayne and Indiana University Fort Wayne work together to build and sustain traditions that create lifelong memories and develop ambassadors for our campus.

Objective 1: Elevate campus traditions to engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community.

Objective 2: Emphasize each student‘s unique experience, small-group affinities, and desired ways of engagement with the campus.

Objective 3: Increase the visibility of university symbols, mascots, and signifiers.

Objective 4: Establish new and maximize the utilization of current student-centered physical spaces to increase each students sense of community, belonging, affinity, safety, and campus pride. 

We will work within our departments, across the division, and with campus partners to strengthen the student experience from our first point of contact to our last.

Objective 1: Maintain departmental plans to support students at each stage of development.

Objective 2: Establish clear channels of communication that encourage cross-department relationships and collaboration with consistency to help students successfully navigate the student life cycle.

Objective 3: Create and maintain departmental standard operative policies and procedures to provide consistent customer service and measurable outcomes.

Campus in the fall

Strategic Enrollment Plan

Fostering student success and enhancing the student experience.

We aspire to engage, retain, and graduate a diverse and talented student body by fostering success through intentional services and a supportive experience for students at all stages of their academic careers.

Strategic Enrollment Plan Priority 1

The student experience.

Establish a streamlined, engaging, and holistic student experience for all students by ensuring that university offices, processes, and policies are student-focused and designed with student success as the top priority. 

Initiative 1.1: Create additional and strengthen existing support services and interventions for students who are at a higher risk of attrition (stop out) based on historically predictive factors.

Initiative 1.2: Strengthen collaboration between and among the First Year Advising Center, academic departments, and the Office of Admissions to streamline the matriculation experience for first-year students.

Initiative 1.3: Establish (or enhance) a centralized, comprehensive multichannel current student communication plan.

Initiative 1.4: Improve and streamline the transfer process for all students.

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Strategic Enrollment Plan Priority 2

Regional public identity.

Position Purdue Fort Wayne as the destination of choice for students in northeast Indiana seeking an undergraduate degree or graduate study, underscoring the university’s role as a critical contributor to economic and workforce development in the region.

Initiative 2.1: Strengthen the PFW presence and reputation in regional high schools and K–12 districts to support recruitment and college access broadly in and around Fort Wayne.

Initiative 2.2: Identify new opportunities for the PFW enrollment team to support community engagement efforts in Fort Wayne, especially for prospective student and high school aged audiences.

Initiative 2.3: Determine and define PFW’s role in supporting the Indianapolis market, in consideration of coming changes to Purdue Indianapolis.

Initiative 2.4: Conduct a market alignment assessment of PFW’s academic portfolio, focused on opportunities for program and overall growth or innovation.

Strategic Enrollment Plan Priority 3

The student mix.

Determine the ideal mix of students (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, international, transfer, and returning adults) to align with student desires, market demand, and PFW’s strengths as a university.

Initiative 3.1: Established, formalized, and socialize a dynamic, future-oriented five-year enrollment model consisting of transparent, data-informed enrollment and retention goals for all student populations, including undergraduate and graduate students.

Initiative 3.1: Implement a more strategic and intentional aid strategy designed to leverage every available aid dollar to optimize admitted student yield and retention for current students.

Initiative 3.3: Streamline recruitment processes to strengthen the admissions teams‘ ability to move students through the application, aid, credit evaluation, registration, and matriculation processes seamlessly.

Initiative 3.4: Maximize efforts to improve metrics associated with the State of Indiana‘s updated outcomes-based funding model for public higher education institutions.

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