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Want to Be a Diplomat?





The Office of the Dean of Students Diplomats, or Dean's Diplomats for short, is a student-based outreach group operating here at PFW.  Through the coordinating efforts of the Dean of Students office, our team strives to promote core values to members of our campus community.  These values include the topics of:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Overview of the Office of Dean of Students
  • Sexual Violence and Bystander Intervention
  • Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct

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Our team manages to convey these messages to our PFW audience through the use of engaging, relevant presentations.  These sessions have been facilitated with great success for student groups, classes, and other on-campus organizations.

Dean's Diplomats also focus on supporting PFW activities by representing ourselves at engagements such as The Big Event, Reverse Career Fair, and many other PFW and student-run events. Thanks to the commitment of our Diplomats, we look forward to expanding our involvement here on campus.

Again, welcome and thank you for your curiosity.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have here: dos@pfw.edu.  We look forward to serving you while delivering on the core values of the Office of the Dean of Students.