College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
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Program Goals and Objectives

  • Connect students to industry mentors, their peers, and their faculty through a variety of activities and events (Academic, Career Development, and Social)
  • Guide students in feeling more connected to the campus and their educational goals
  • Support students to improve their ability to articulate and formulate plans to actively pursue and achieve their academic and career goals
  • Help students to develop or refine their study skills and time management abilities
  • Help students in their transition to the college environment and navigate their programs of study
  • Make students aware of resources available to them on campus and in the community and encourage them to make use of those resources
  • Inform students of the organizations and clubs that the university has to offer, help them to get involved, or even start their own club if they feel that one is needed but not offered
  • Enhance student leadership skills
  • Monitor academic performance
  • Provide opportunities for students to build academic, social, and professional networks through seminars, events, co-curricular activities, and industry mentors
  • Foster a growth mind-set
    • We want to help students to accept that there are things they do not know and develop a toolkit of strategies and resources to help them to bridge the gap between what they do not yet know and all there is to know about themselves and their disciplines

Contact Information

Ranesha Smith
LEAD Peer Mentor Program Coordinator
Student Success Center
ET 229D
[email protected]