College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Co-op is short for cooperative education, a three-way relationship between students, employers, and the university. This academic program gives you the opportunity to see how classroom theory relates to actual employment situations while you remain an Purdue Fort Wayne student. You will earn a competitive wage and may earn academic credit. You can alternate semesters of full-time study with full-time employment or you can work part-time while attending Purdue Fort Wayne.

The college's departments offer many options for cooperative education experiences. Regular co-op positions, work/study internships, and practicum positions are available, and many departments offer laboratory or teaching assistantships. You should check with the Cooperative Education Office and with your department for these opportunities.

CEIT Department: Paul Lin
CME Department: Nash Younis (ME), Max Yen (CE)
CS Department:
ECE Department: Elizabeth Thompson 
MCET Department: Wilson Liang
OL Department: Linda Hite