Graduate Studies

The Master of Science in Technology is a 33-credit program of approved graduate courses composed of technology core component, technology specialization component and technical/leadership elective component, and the MS directed project. Remedial courses and other undergraduate courses do not apply and do not count towards graduation.

In addition to fulfilling the academic regulations that apply to all Purdue University graduate students, all degree requirements outlined in the Graduate Bulletin, and all program requirements previously outlined in this handbook, graduate students in the Master of Science in Technology program must satisfy all of the following general degree requirements:

  • Students must complete all graduate coursework with a grade of B or better in order for the course to be counted toward the degree.
  • Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all graduate coursework.

MS Directed Project

The MS directed project (3 Credit Hours) provides a technology specialization supervised experience through which the student will apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the Master of Science in Technology program. The MS directed project is completed in two phases: Phase I (1 Credit Hour) includes developing and defending the proposal, and Phase II (2 Credit Hours) includes project implementation, documentation, and final oral defense. It is common that students complete the second phase in more than one semester, depending on the nature of the project, its depth, and the like.

To learn more about the MS directed project and its requirements please review the graduate program handbook.

Preliminary Forms

Current graduate students are to complete and submit the relevant forms after consulting the director of graduate program:

Members of Examining Committee

Acceptance of MS Directed Project Proposal

MS Directed Project Template

Please use the following template to complete your final MS directed project document:

The MS Directed Project Document Template

Note: You must obtain the approval from the director of the graduate program on your project document prior to setting a date and time for your final project presentation.

These are abstracts of some of the MS directed projects done by previous graduate students.

Industrial Technology/Manufacturing

Study of the SPC technique used by a Medical Device Manufacturer

Simulation Modeling of a Manual Bending Line to improve Production Rate

Information Technology/Advanced Computer Applications

Migrating a Small Non-profit Organization to Cloud Computing Services

Comprehensive Security Analysis of a Modern Advanced Automotive Environment