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The Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership is built on the same foundational core as the Organizational Leadership master's degree program. Courses are designed to provide both a theoretical foundation to leadership and human resources and a solid understanding of industry best practices. Students in the graduate certificate program will develop the ability to:

  • Assess and enhance organizational climate and culture
  • Understand the complexity and interrelated nature of organizational phenomena
  • Identify practices that promote teamwork as well as personal and organizational effectiveness

Please note: Students already enrolled in the Organizational Leadership master's degree program are not eligible for the certificate. Students who initially enroll in the certificate program, however, may apply for the master's program prior to completing certificate requirements if they choose to go on. A maximum of 12 credit hours earned in the certificate program may be applied to the master's degree.

If approved by the Organizational Leadership Graduate Admissions Committee, a maximum of three graduate-level transfer credits may be applied to the requirements for the certificate.

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