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Name: Jourdan Love

Degree: Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership/Human Resources

Current Job: Business-to-business consultant at Staples corporate office

Location: New York City

After graduating from Purdue Fort Wayne in May 2017, Jourdan Love was ready to take the Big Apple by storm. In fact, this self-described "big-city guy" was confident that the skills he developed while working toward his Organizational Leadership degree would serve him well in his new role as a business-to-business consultant at the Staples corporate office, and sure enough, they have.

Jourdan sees just how important communication and time management skills are in a corporate environment. "There's a lot of flexibility in sales, but you have to meet your goals," Jourdan said. "I know how to take action as a leader."

Jourdan says his professors and advisors in Organizational Leadership helped him build a solid foundation of skills, and he encourages current and future students to take advantage of their expertise. "Reach out to your professors and advisors," he says. "They are going to help you figure out your next steps and identify areas where you have room for improvement."



Name: Skyler Spurling-Newsome

Degree: Communication degree from Purdue Fort Wayne, Law degree from Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Current Job: works for the federal government

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

When Skyler Spurling-Newsome was a Communication student at Purdue Fort Wayne, she decided to take a few law classes from Professor Kimberly O'Connor in the Department of Organizational Leadership. Skyler now believes those classes may have given her a bit of a jump start when she decided to apply for law school a few years later. "Going in, I had some kind of framework or an advantage that some other people may not have had."

Today, Skyler still puts some of the skills she learned to good use.

As an employee of the federal government, Skyler plays an important role in the creation of legal documents. "When a judge issues a ruling, I'm responsible for drafting the order for him or her," she said. "The judge then reviews the order and signs it."

Skyler said her time at IPFW definitely helped lay the groundwork for future career success. "Professor O'Connor was really adamant about good, concise writing, which definitely helped." Skyler said. "The more concise you are, the better."



Name: Nick Opitz

Degree: Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership

Current Job: Special Events Supervisor at Mandalay Bay Event Center at MGM Resorts International

Location: Las Vegas

When Nick Optiz was an undergraduate in the Department of Organizational Leadership at Purdue Fort Wayne, he really had no idea just how much the skills he was learning would play into his future success.

As it turns out, they eventually helped him land -- and conquer -- several high-profile jobs.

From his work as a social media segment producer at the NFL Network to his current role as a special events supervisor at one of the nation's largest resorts and casinos, Nick has used the communication and public speaking skills he developed as building blocks for a fast-paced and fulfilling career.

"Each of my Organizational Leadership classes had a few group projects that had to be completed over the course of the semester," Nick said. "Being able to communication with four or five other people and meet deadlines is a skill you can carry over."

There are other benefits, too.

"In my job now, there's a lot of talking in front of large groups of people. Being able to speak confidently and comfortably in front of them is a huge takeaway from the program."



Name: Saneta Maiko

Degree: Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Current Job:  The John Templeton Research Fellow, Research Chaplain with Indiana University Health and Affiliate Research Scientist with Indiana University Center for Aging Research, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. 

Location: Indianapolis

While studying for a master's degree in Organizational Leadership at Purdue Fort Wayne, Dr. Saneta Maiko said he was intrigued by the different factors that can influence the success of an organization.

For starters, organizations should be mindful of change, taking the time to orchestrate change in an effective manner. "When change happens in organizations, how do you manage change in a way that it doesn't cause more damage? It's important to create a smooth transition whereby change is well-managed," he said.

Another way to build momentum in the workplace is to incorporate opportunities for team building, Dr. Maiko said. "I studied how to work with different teams in order to execute different goals and objectives within the organization."

Finally, organizational behavior is important, too. "This is the study of how people behave within an organization. We can learn how to understand those behaviors," he said. "We look at their strengths and limitations in order to equip them to be effective in the work they do."

Today, Dr. Maiko is able to apply much of what he learned in his own work as a researcher. "The Organizational Leadership program gave me leadership philosophies, good skills and resources" he said. "I use these skills in leading my research team every day."


Name: Matt Ransbottom

Degree: Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership, minor in Communications

Current Job: Human Resources Manager at Omnisource

Location: Fort Wayne

Every once in a while, a student finds so much value in his college experience that he returns in some capacity after finding success in the workforce. That is precisely what happened to former OL student Matt Ransbottom.

Shortly after graduating from Purdue Fort Wayne, Matt landed a good job and began working toward a graduate degree in human resource development at Indiana State University -- but he aspired to do more.

After a couple of years, he accepted a new full-time position as a human resources manager at Omnisource, where he is responsible for employee recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, employee relations and human resources investigations for the 15 locations under Omnisource's very large umbrella. "My colleagues and I wear multiple hats."

Matt said his OL professors made a profound impact on his decision to enter the HR field. "They helped influence me, and they encouraged me to grow into myself," he said. "HR is a calling that finds you."

Today, the tables are turned.

Matt teaches an OL course, and he has been instrumental in the creation of an industrial advisory board, which provides input regarding the OL curriculum as it relates to the existing needs of hiring entities and serves as a vehicle for connecting industry leaders throughout northeast Indiana.

Having the opportunity to give back is an honor, Matt said. “It's great to be a part of the university community."

Job Opportunities Abound

Organizational Leadership students are well prepared for leadership roles in a wide variety of settings including industrial, medical, service, and other profit and nonprofit organizations. Imagine the possibilities!

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • HR Specialist
  • Data Coordinator
  • Production Supervisor
  • Administrative Manager
  • QC Supervisor
  • Training Consultant
  • Sales
  • Material Control Planner
  • District Manager
  • Program Administrator
  • Account Manager
  • Inventory-Control Analyst
  • Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
  • Market Manager
  • HR Recruiter/Consultant
  • Continuous Improvement Coordinator
  • Buyer