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Associate Professor

  • Office: Neff 288E
  • Office Hours

                      Monday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

                      Wednesday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

                      Others by appointment


  • Western Michigan University, Doctor of Education, Human Resource Development, 1995; Master of Development Administration, 1991.
  • Santo Domingo Institute of Technology (INTEC), Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, 1989.
  • Dominican College of Professional Studies (CDEP), Santo Domingo, And The Dominican Republic. B.S., Agricultural Education and Rural Development, 1988.

Research Interests

Linkages between HRD and organizational strategy, leadership development in Latin America, diversity at work in Malaysia and Singapore.

Selected Publications

  • Montesino, M. (2018). “Retrato del dominicano en la organizacion: impacto de la cultura nacional en el comportamiento gerencial” [A portrait of the Dominicans in their organizational context: Impact of the national culture on managerial behavior]. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Editorial Santuario.
  • Montesino, M. (2012). Cross-cultural conflict and affirmative action:  Inter-and intra-ethnic dilemmas of Malaysia's heterogeneous workplace.  International journal of Cross Cultural Management. 12 (1),  115 to 132.  Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, singapore and Washington DC.: Sage Publications.
  • Montesino, M. (2012). Doing the Public Good:  Latina/o Scholars Engage Civic Participation. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Educationn.  Volume 6 (number 1), pages 60-62. Philadelphia, PA:  Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Montesino, M. (2009). Management development and organizational goals: what is their alignment? In E. Morin, N. Ramalho, J. Neves, & A. Savoie (eds), New research trends in effectiveness, health, and work: A Criteos scientific and professional account (pp.325-336). Montreal: Criteos/HEC-Montreal.
  • Sherr, M. & Montesino, M. (2009)Hate crime based on ethnicity and religion: A description of the phenomenon in the United States since 2000. The International Journal of Diveristy in Organizations, Communities and Nations, 9(4), 23-38
  • Montesino, M. & Sherr, M. (2008). A Challenge to diversity in the United States: Two points of view on immigration reform. The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, 8(3), 75-84.
  • Montesino, M.(2008). Management development and organizational goals: What is their alignment? In E. Morin, M. Ramalho, a Savoie & J. Neves (eds). Rethinking organizational health, work and effectiveness: A CRITEOS scientific and professional account. Lisbon: Criteos.
    Gilbreath, B., & Montesino, M. (2006). Expending the HRD role: Improving employee well-being and organizational performance. Human Resource Development International, 9(4), 563-571.
  • Montesino, M. (2006). Scratching the surface of multi-ethnicity in the Malaysian workforce. In Usmani, Z., Chua, L., & Awan, S. (eds), Similarity in diversity: Reflections of Malaysian and American exchange scholars. New York: Universe, Inc.
  • Montesino, M. U.(2005). Ante que nada: Despunes de todo (Before anything: after everything).  Editora Tropical: Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic.
  • Montesino, M. U. (2003). Leadership/followership similarities between people in a developed and a developing country: The case of Dominicans in NYC and Dominicans on the island. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 10(1), 82-92.
  • Montesino, M. U. (2002). A descriptive study of some organizational-behavior dimensions at work in the Dominican Republic: Implications for management development and training. Human Resource Development International, 5(4), 393-409.
  • Montesino, M. U. (2002). Strategic alignment of training, transfer-enhancing behaviors, and training usage: A post-training study. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 13(1), 89-108.
  • Brinkerhoff, Robert O., & Montesino, M.U. (1995). Partnerships for transfer of training: Lessons from a corporate study. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 6(3), 263-274.

Prior Work Experience

Management Development Consultant in Latin America
Program Evaluator for a consulting firm, Chicago and Michigan

Courses Taught

OLS 47500 - Human Resource Development
OLS 37500 - Training Methods
OLS 27400 - Applied Leadership
OLS 57000 - Leadership Across Cultural Boundaries
OLS 59000 - Capstone

OLS 51500 - Foundations of HR

Class Schedule


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