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"Image of" Kimberly W. O'Connor

Assistant Professor, Director of OL Graduate Program

  • Office: Neff 288G
  • Office Hours:

                 Tuesdays, 10:30 AM-11:30 AM

                 Thursdays, 10:30 AM-11:30 AM

                  Others by Appointment


  • Loyola University School of LA, New Orleans, LA, Juris Doctor 2002
  • Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, AB Psychology and Sociology 1998

Research Interests

Employment Law, Constitutional Law, Torts, Cyber Law, and Ethics

Selected Publications

  • O'Connor, K., Drouin, M., Yergens, N., Newsham, G. (2017). Sexting legislation in the United States and abroad: A call for uniformity. International Journal of Cyber Criminology. Vol.11 (2). pgs. 218-245.
  • O'Connor, K., Schmidt G., & Drouin, M. (2016). Suspended because of social media? Students' knowledge and opinions of university social media policies and practices. Computers in Human Behavior. Vol. 65, pgs. 619-626.
  • O'Connor, K. (2016). The Big Event: Using This Day of Service To Teach Management Students About Corporate Social Responsibility.  Management Teaching Review. Vol. 1 (3).
  • Schmidt G. and O'Connor, K. (2016). Legal Concerns When Considering Social Media In Selection in Landers, R. and Schmidt, G. (eds.), Social Media in Employment Selection and Recruitment. (pp. 265-287). New Yourk, NY:Springer.
  • O'Connor, K. W., Schmidt, G.B. & Drouin, M. (2016). Helping workers understand and follow social media policies.  Business Horizons. Vol. 59 (pgs. 205-211)
  •  O'Connor, K. & Schmidt, G. B. (2015) May it please the court: Two legal cases to teach students about social media based terminations of employment. Journal of Management Education.  Vol 39 No. 6, December 2015., pages 806-811, Sage Publications.
  • Schmidt, G. B. & O'Connor, K. W. (2015). Fired for Facebook: using NLRB guidance to craft appropriate social media policies. Business Horizons.
  • O'Connor, K.W. & Schmidt, G .B. (2015): Facebook Fired: Legal standards for social media-based terminations of K-12 Public School Teachers. Sage Open March 2015, S(1).
  • Drouin, M.,O'Connor, K.W., Schmidt, G.B., Miller, D.A., (2015), Facebook fired:  Legal perspectives and young adults' opinions on the use of social media in hiring and firing decisions, Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 46, May 2015, pg. 123-128, Elsevier Ltd. Publishing.

Prior Work Experience

Indiana Wesleyan University, Fort Wayne, IN - Adjunct Professor, MBS Program, 2007 to 2012
ITT Technical Institute, Fort Wayne, IN - Adjuct Professor, 2006 to 2012
Ivy Tech State College, Fort Wayne, IN - Adjuct Professor, 2004 to 2012
Barnes & Thornburg, L.L.P., Fort Wayne, IN - Attorney 2001 to 2003

Courses Taught

  • OLS 26800 - Elements of Law
  • OLS 26800I - Elements of Law online
  • OLS 37600 - Human Resources
  • OLS 37800 - Labor Relations
  • OLS 39900 - Modern Legal Issues
  • OLS 46800 - Personnel Law
  • OLS 47700 - Conflict Management
  • OLS 57500 - Contemporary Employment Practice and the Law 

Class Schedule

  • OLS 26800-01; TR, 12:00 PM-1:15 PM, KT 248
  • OLS 47700-01; TR, 1:30 PM-2:45 PM, KT 248

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Life at my house is never dull!
I have three daughters -- including twins who were born 2 hours and 10 minutes apart.

I've rubbed elbows with a few famous people.
I met Robin Williams before he died, and I'm an avid Josh Groban fan.

My career could have gone in an entirely different direction.

After I finished college, I got a job as a flight attendant for United Airlines, but I decided to go to law school instead.