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About Organizational Leadership

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What is Organizational Leadership?

Organizational Leadership is an innovative degree program that prepares students for supervisory roles and jobs in human resource management. Leadership development is a common thread woven throughout our curriculum.

How does OL differ from a business program?

Our curriculum focuses on the human interactions occurring in all types of organizations, both profit and non-profit. The emphasis is on leadership, team development and facilitation, organizational behavior, and human resource management. By contrast, most business programs focus on concepts and skills related to commerce. Typically business programs feature a great deal of quantitative courses (finance, accounting, economics), whereas Organizational Leadership courses tend to focus on the skills associated with understanding and leading people.

What do students learn?

Our faculty uses a combination of pedagogical approaches and experiential learning methods. Students frequently engage in a variety of learning projects, cases, discussions, presentations, writing assignments and more. Our end goal: To contribute to better-functioning organizations and a more satisfied and productive workforce.

What kinds of jobs are available to graduates?

Organizational Leadership graduates prosper in a variety of jobs. Please go to careers in the field for a glimpse at some of the positions held by our graduates.