College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

"Photo of" Dina Manour-Cole

Associate Professor

  • Office: Neff 288A
  • Office Hours:  

                 Wednesday, 3:00 PM-4:30 PM

                 Class days, 5:05 PM-5:55 prior to class times in LA 35C 

                 Others by appointment


  • Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, College of Business Administration,
    Emphasis: Management of Organizations, 1995
  • Masters in Business Administration, Xavier University, 1986
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Michigan, 1980

Research Interests

Leadership and leadership pedagogy; teamwork and reaction to change; using information processing, justice and social identity perspectives; design and implementation of youth leadership development programs.

Selected Publications

  • Mansour-Cole, D. (2010).  Creating a companion course for a university-based youth outreach program.  In M.A. Cooksey and Kimberly T. Olivares (Eds).  Quick hits for service learning:  Successful strategies by award-winning teachers.  Bloomington:  Indiana University Press.
  • Mansour-Cole D.(2008). Going Beyond Leadership Style: When and how do we lead change? In J. Nemiro, M. Beyerlein, L. Bradley, & S. Beyerlein (eds.) Handbook of high performance virtual teams: A toolkit for collaborating across boundaries, Jossey-Bass Publishers.
  • Mansour-Cole D.,(2007). Cohesion. In S. Clegg & J. Bailey (Eds), International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies.
  • Mansour-Cole, D. (2005) Practicing what we teach: Assessing diversity in the curriculum. Online proceedings of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Annual Conference, Scranton, PA.
  • McDonald, K., Hite, L. and Mansour-Cole, D. (2006). Capturing career reflections: Construction of an instrument to explore careers and career development. Proceedings of the 2006 Academy of Human Resource Development.
  • Mansour-Cole, D. (2001). Team identity formation in virtual teams. In Beyerlein, Johnson & Beyerlein, (Eds.) Advances in the Interdisciplinary Study of Work Teams, Volume 8, JAI/Elseviere Science, pages 41-58.
  • Mansour-Cole, D. (2000) Team identity development in virtual teams. Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Individual, Team, and Organizational Effectiveness Symposium: Team Based Organizations for the 21st Century, University of North Texas.
  • McDonald, K. and Mansour-Cole, D. (2000). Change requires intensive care: An experiential exercise for learners in university and corporate settings. Special Issue: Challenges and Frontiers for the 21st Century: Management Education in Universities and Corporations, Journal of Management Education, 24(1).
  • Mansour-Cole, D. and Scott. (1998). Hearing it through the grapevine: The influence of source of layoff information and leader-member-relations on survivors’ justice perceptions. Personnel Psychology, 51, p. 25-54.

Prior Work Experience

Teaching positions at the University of Dayton and the University of Cincinnati and an administrative position at Xavier University. Ford Motor Company Career Development Fellow and held various positions in two divisions of the company.

Courses Taught

OLS 48500:  Leadership for Team Development
OLS 52500:  Organizational Analysis and Action
OLS 54000:  College Project and Work Teams

Class Schedule

  • OLS 48500-01; W 6:00 PM-8:45 PM LA 35C
  • OLS 48500-02; T  6:00 PM-8:45 PM LA 35C
  • OLS 54000-01; R  6:00 PM-8:45 PM LA 35C

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Favorite Quote:

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves."

- Lao Tzu