College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Welcome to Graduate Program in Technology

The Master of Science in Technology prepares qualified students and working professionals to assume leadership positions and enable them to face the challenges of global technical competition. Creative projects are developed specifically to apply to individual career needs. As a graduate you will have advanced knowledge and skills that are required to function effectively in a modern, international, technical environment and to accept increasing responsibility in industrial and business positions.

The Graduate Program’s Mission

To equip future leaders with advanced technological skills and interdisciplinary knowledge to successfully meet and exceed regional, state, and national technological challenges in the areas of information technology, industrial and manufacturing, and service-related industries.

The Goals of MS in Technology

The goals of offering a Master of Science in Technology are to prepare graduates to be competent leaders in their professional field in system improvement and implementation and to be able to address technical and managerial issues through conducting applied research projects.

If you have questions about MS in Technology program, please contact Dr. Hongli Luo, the Director of the Graduate Program in MS Technology at (260) 481-5732, or via E-mail at