College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Engineering & Engineering Technology Joint Program

Welcome to Purdue University Fort Wayne’s joint Engineering and Engineering Technology Program. This 2 + 3 program is specifically designed to increase the options and success of students with mathematics placement score of 40, i.e. placement in MA 15300, and who are initially interested in an Engineering degree. Students start with a year of Engineering Technology coursework while they complete the mathematics preparation to start calculus. If they perform well and would like to move to engineering, their second year is a transition to engineering. At the end of this second year it will take three years to graduate in engineering or two years to graduate in Engineering Technology. In many cases students can also complete an associate’s degree in Engineering Technology.


The diagram below shows the required mathematics sequence and an essential physics course to get to sophomore engineering.

Introductory Mathematics Sequence for joint Engineering Technology and Engineering
MA 153 MA 154 MA 165 MA 166 PHYS 152

(*) A Math Placement Test Score of 40 means placement in MA 15300. 

Engineering is much more than mathematics. However, mathematics is an important tool and successful completion of the initial mathematics sequence is necessary to take most engineering classes. A “C -” or better is required to move on to the next mathematics course in the sequence; a C grade should be a warning that you are likely to have difficulty in the next course.