Electrical and Computer Engineering

For requirements about how to earn a minor in mathematics please refer to the PFW Catalog. To be officially awarded a minor in math a form must be filled and approved by the Math Department prior to graduation. The plan of study for Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors include enough math courses (MA16500, MA16600, MA26100, MA35100, MA36300, ECE30200) to be awarded this minor as long as the combined GPA for the math courses is 2.3 or higher.  Please notice that: ECE30200 is counted as one math course for Math Minor. 

Students planning to earn a minor in mathematics are advised to:

  • Complete the Math Minor Application Form
  • Print their unofficial transcripts
  • Deliver completed Minor Application Form and unofficial transcripts to the Department of Mathematics, Kettler Hall, Room 200

Any questions concerning the approval of Math minors, please visit Math Minor website